Tuesday, May 5, 2015

For the Love of Vintage review

I hope by now that you have heard of the brand, For the love of vintage. If not I'm going to tell you all about them right now! They are a small business run in Australia who specialize in handmade products that revolve around sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Everything they use is recycled and therefore a lot of the items are limited. They have created something I have been a little mad over for a while now, a huge range of candy heart brooches! I got sent a great selection as a gift, along with a few other items to show you all. I love them so much.

So many colours to take it, one for every outfit! I was so overwhelmed by how amazing these are. Each one is hand painted to look super cute along with a few other beautiful touches. The heart has a fabric center which works so well, the donut is glittery and the cute pineapple necklace has a different print on the other side.

I only managed to grab a few snaps to show you these as a little Penelope wanted my attention the whole time.

I didn't know which candy heart to wear so I thought multiple was acceptable. These are such a great idea, my personal favorite being "Beat It Creep" as I am a huge fan of the film Cry Baby but I have to say the others truly represent me. Of course I am the selfie queen! I will have to grab a few more of these, I need to wear Mean Girl quotes all day every day. For the love of vintage have catered for so many people with this range.

See! There are just so many to choose from and to top it off, they do custom orders to.

These two where just too yummy to wear! I really enjoy food related accessories, not only can I wear them but I can look silly and try to eat them when I get hungry because they do look good enough to eat. The pink donut is covered in glitter making it that little bit extra adorable and the burger is actually pretty big. I love a big statement brooch!

Like I said before I couldn't grab any more snaps due to a little cutie wanting my attention so you will have to spot the other few in other OOTDs and Instagram snaps.

Check out all the range from For the love of vintage over on there Facebook page, you won't be disappointed.

Other outfit details:
Dress: Pinup girl clothing Ashley dress (sold out)
Belt: Kmart
Hair flowers: Daisy Jean floral custom design (get a closer look here)

See you all again soon!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kitty Cats and Vintage wonders

 On Sunday myself and my little family took a lovely trip to one of my favorite events of the year, The polka dot vintage markets. It only happens 3 times a year but with over 300 stalls that's okay. I spent a good 3 hours just wondering around exploring all the vintage wonders every one was selling. I found a whole heap of amazing things but most out of my budget, I just love to look. Of course I had to get dressed up, well I call it dressed up. I do dress up almost every day so its nothing out of the ordinary. I did pop on one of the latest items to hang its self in my wardrobe thanks to my wonderful boyfriend. The markets are held in a building in the show grounds in Perth, basically a place where a lot of events happen. I was planning on taking pictures of my outfit before I left but then I remembered one of the buildings there that I just had to get pictures in front of. I set up my tripod and took a billion pictures as everyone driving past thought I was crazy.

The building covered in black cat cut outs is by far the most perfect place to snap a few pictures. This little guy I decided to name Stanley. I'm not sure why, it just happened.

The Hell Bunny Constance dress has been high on my wish list for a very long time now but sadly it has become the most hardest dress to find online. Luckily for me I found a small shop within Australia selling them in the plus sizes only. I could have sized down but wanted the dress so bad that I got the 2XL. It is a perfect fit but I am looking at losing weight and wearing my corset a lot more.

The print on this dress is perfection. I have been obsessing over the Toile look ever since I saw Miss Amy May post about it. I have seen it on a range of dresses both new and old but all way out of my budget so I was glad that I found the Hell Bunny Constance dress. The little detailed pictures all over the dress are of a few different things from fruit to skulls, I keep finding new things to look at each time I look down.

I never actually looked at the neckline on the dress before I purchased it (I just loved the print that much) but I was pleasantly surprised when I put it on for the first time. The neckline and sleeves where perfect and very unique. There is a a lot of wonderful shapes happening that draw attention but in the right way. The sleeves kind of have this double layer thing happening which is beautiful, you may be able to spot it in a few of the images. 

The over all fit of the dress is wonderful. The material is not to heavy but has great stretch for that extra comfort and hugs the curves in all the right way. I absolutely love this dress and think it is beautiful, I also think its safe to say that little Stanley feels the same way.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Hell Bunny Constance dress from That Crazy place
Hair Flowers: Gloss
Pearl necklace, ring and bracelet: Gifts
Petticoat: Hell Bunny Long Petticoat in white from Beserk 
Brooch: Erstwilder Seafarer brooch via Kat Frankies (sold out) 
CS-426 Short corset: Orchard Corset

Of course I have to share with you what I got from the markets. There was so much I did fall in love with but most was way out of my budget. I am happy with my 3 little purchases for $28.

I finally got my hands on a retro looking wooden pineapple bowl! I am still unsure what I will use it for but I just love it. How cute are the 3 little kitties? They look so cute sat on my dressing table right now, especially next to the large shell bowel I got. It was my favorite find of the day and for only $10, the perfect place to put all my brooches (except Erstwilder) and still be able to see them.

I have so much planed right now, from blog posts to a small business adventure so don't run away to far until next time.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Flamingo Friday #2

This weeks flamingo Friday is a dress that was released just a few hours ago among many other fabulous new designs from Lady Voluptuous. This is one for you plus sized girls out there with a flamingo obsession just like me. This dress is far to fabulous, I never thought a purple backdrop with pink flamingos could work so well but it does on so many great levels. I actually don't have any purple dresses in my wardrobe so I think that's a really good excuse to add this to my collection really soon. Flamingos, a cute neckline, a big skirt, what more could a girl want? Well, the matching shoes that Fuller Figure Fuller Bust is wearing in the picture. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015

My top 12 Pin up problems

We all have them. There's always going to be that one morning where the flick of your cat eyes don't match or the wind just attacked your hair from behind. Here's my favorite but most annoying problems I have come across in years of dressing fabulous.

1. The eyeliner tragedy
Its the one where you start with one perfect cat eye then move on to the second one and they just don't match so you keep adding more and more to try and even it out. In the end you look like you've been punched in the face because there is that much eyeliner that its become a smudgy mess. The only way out is to start again, sometimes it can be a vicious cycle and you do this a few times. On a good morning you praise the eyeliner gods a few times.

2. I've been shopping for 20 years but have nothing to wear
The whole overflowing wardrobe, putting 5 outfits on in the morning then having a sulk because you simply have nothing to wear. This seems to be a common thing among many women out there. My way around it, plan in advance and buy a new outfit from your partners bank account! Its a win win for everyone.

3. I have way to many red lipsticks, says no woman ever
You have the drawer or box dedicated to all those red lipsticks. To any other person they look all exactly the same but then you shake your head and feel the need to go through why each is different. My partner gets the same talk every time we are in the make up section at the shops.

4. Always claiming cups with the little red lipstick ring
This one can't be helped but put it this way, you never do lose your cup.

5. The "are you going to a costume party" comment
Your walking down the street looking your best and left right and center you have people asking you if you are heading to a costume party. I am still yet to get an actual invite to this costume party they speak of, so many people seem to know about it so it must be pretty fun.

6. To get 8 hours sleep, or to spend an hour pin curling my hair and only getting 7?
Theres always that mini argument with yourself the night before about which is more important, hair or sleep. Hair always wins. You may be falling asleep the next day but at least your hair looks good. Pin curls are a full time job,but it does pay off to look fabulous.

7. Finding bobby pins is like playing Where's Wally
It was only last week you bought a 100 pack and now you only have 4. Its an inner struggle in the morning to find just enough to complete your victory rolls. I just hope where they are going is nice.

8. Packing for a weekend away with an overflowing suitcase
You really do need 2 different petticoats, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 dresses, 2 skirts, 4 shirts, the giant can of hairspray and if your lucky, your hot rollers. Its a only a 2 night weekend away but you never know when you are going to need that certain red top with that skirt.

9. I told your I'll be ready in 5 minutes half an hour ago
Opps, time just flies when you are trying to get everything on point. You may have missed half the movie but at least you can make an entrance. If someones asks what took you so long just point at the fierce cat eye flicks you have going on. 

10. The wind is your enemy
2.5 hours is how long it takes to get those pin curls bouncy and flowing perfectly. 0.8 seconds is how long it takes them to die an honorable death. On these days you just simply need to wear it up to avoid looking like you came out of the 80s.

11. The selfie struggle is real
You either take a billion and one flawless selfies or you take a billion and one terrible ones. There is no in between. If its a good day then all your instagram followers will know about it after the mini spam you post.

12. The special eating technique
We all know and do it. You do end up looking like this when trying to eat anything
but that's only because you are avoiding looking like a clown by the end of the meal, it just takes twice as long to eat than anyone else at the table.

These are only some of the problems I come across in my day to day life of dressing Pin up, I know I'm not the only one out there who come across these to. Tell me your Pin up problems.

Instagram Voodoo Vixen Giveaway!

I have teamed up with the wonderful Voodoo Vixen to give all my favorite people yet another giveaway! This time its all held on Instagram so give me a follow at Creepylittlethings.
I am giving away the Connie dress, its one that I have been wearing a lot but obviously the winner gets a brand new one in their choice of size (S-4XL). You can read my review of the Connie dress here.

For those who want to know what the Connie looks like then here you go

The giveaway is open worldwide and ends Monday the 27th at 12pm WA time! You better get following me on instagram to be in it to win it! 

Make sure you are following myself
to keep up to date with everything and also to find out the all important winner!
Heres the image for those of you who are unsure how to share on instagram :)

Good luck everyone 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Flamingo Friday 1

It's no secret that I have a little flamingo obsession, I own pretty much every flamingo related object I can get my hands on. I have decided to make a little Friday segment called "Flamingo Friday" where each week I share my favorite flamingo related object or image that I have found. I may already have the object in my collection, sometimes I just need to share all the flamingos! I just love how some of you guys tag me in pictures across the internet of items with flamingos on! Thank you so much, you fuel my obsession a little bit more. Keep it up! 
Heres the very first flamingo Friday item! (I also hope you like the little logo I made for it).

This skirt is the Banned Wanderlust Flamingo skirt and it can be found on the Gwynnie's website right now. Banned have a whole heap of flamingo related stuff due for release or already released and its all wonderful! I love the dresses that also use the same fabulous fabric as this skirt. The wonderfully full skirt is combining two of my favorite things right now, tropical prints and flamingos! If I don't end up getting this skirt then I will most likely be found really soon wearing one of the matching dresses.

If you have seen or have a flamingo image or item you'd love to see here then let me know by commenting below, getting in touch on Facebook or instagram or by simply sending me an email at misslixxielou@gmail.com

There is going to be many more flamingos on this blog as off now (as if there wasn't enough)!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vintage oranges and a Flaming star - Louella De Ville review

Last week I revived a wonderful gift from the lovely lady who owns Your One Stop Pin up shop. It was full of delights and for some reason smelt really good. I did ask her if she popped anything in there like perfume but apparently not, I may just have an odd nose. I have known of the wonderful Your One Stop Pin up shop for a while now and I do enjoy following the shops daily posts across social media. One of my favorite things to come from the store is the little range called Louella De Ville, which is mainly jewelry designed by the wonderful store owner herself. Each piece is made using authentic vintage beads so there is very limited amount of each item. I really love the whole idea of using vintage pieces, it makes each item very unique and in some cases one of a kind.

Above are the matching set of jewelry I received and fell in love with. As soon as I opened up the neatly wrapped package and saw the orange colour, I know straight away what dress to wear this with first. I just need to add more orange to my wardrobe so I can wear them with several outfits. I really loved the cute cards both came. They are designed really nicely and create a lovely touch.

 I also received two very well made hair flowers, I think these are what smelt good in the package. I have only featured one in this post as the other one goes absolutely perfect with an outfit I'm planning this weekend, so you will just have to wait to see it. I love all the individual colours used in this one, it goes so well with many of my tropical dresses right now, especially if I turn it to different angles to get the focus on certain colours at the front. I think I need to get some more of these Louella De Ville hair flowers, they are perfection!
I may have ended up going over board in the pictures I took but I had given myself huge fabulous hair that just had to be shown off.


Upon looking at the website half way through this post I learnt that the hair flowers are named after 1950s films. How amazing! I found the slip of paper that was on this one and its titled "Flaming star". I haven't see the film but I will defiantly make a note to watch it now.

Don't forget that if you put codeword "LIXXIE" in at the checkout you get a wonderful 10% off your order. Just another little something to say thank you.

Other outfit details:
Cardigan: Dangerfield 2014
Dress: Hearts and Roses London Available at Tragic Beautiful
Belt: Dangerfield 2013/2014

Penelope was far more interesting in other things to look at the camera but oh well, she still is a cutie!