Friday, April 17, 2015

Flamingo Friday 1

It's no secret that I have a little flamingo obsession, I own pretty much every flamingo related object I can get my hands on. I have decided to make a little Friday segment called "Flamingo Friday" where each week I share my favorite flamingo related object or image that I have found. I may already have the object in my collection, sometimes I just need to share all the flamingos! I just love how some of you guys tag me in pictures across the internet of items with flamingos on! Thank you so much, you fuel my obsession a little bit more. Keep it up! 
Heres the very first flamingo Friday item! (I also hope you like the little logo I made for it).

This skirt is the Banned Wanderlust Flamingo skirt and it can be found on the Gwynnie's website right now. Banned have a whole heap of flamingo related stuff due for release or already released and its all wonderful! I love the dresses that also use the same fabulous fabric as this skirt. The wonderfully full skirt is combining two of my favorite things right now, tropical prints and flamingos! If I don't end up getting this skirt then I will most likely be found really soon wearing one of the matching dresses.

If you have seen or have a flamingo image or item you'd love to see here then let me know by commenting below, getting in touch on Facebook or instagram or by simply sending me an email at

There is going to be many more flamingos on this blog as off now (as if there wasn't enough)!


  1. Banned have some amazing stuff coming out this year!


  2. I ended up ordering that skirt through Gwynnie's a few days ago, I love it!! :)