Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vintage oranges and a Flaming star - Louella De Ville review

Last week I revived a wonderful gift from the lovely lady who owns Your One Stop Pin up shop. It was full of delights and for some reason smelt really good. I did ask her if she popped anything in there like perfume but apparently not, I may just have an odd nose. I have known of the wonderful Your One Stop Pin up shop for a while now and I do enjoy following the shops daily posts across social media. One of my favorite things to come from the store is the little range called Louella De Ville, which is mainly jewelry designed by the wonderful store owner herself. Each piece is made using authentic vintage beads so there is very limited amount of each item. I really love the whole idea of using vintage pieces, it makes each item very unique and in some cases one of a kind.

Above are the matching set of jewelry I received and fell in love with. As soon as I opened up the neatly wrapped package and saw the orange colour, I know straight away what dress to wear this with first. I just need to add more orange to my wardrobe so I can wear them with several outfits. I really loved the cute cards both came. They are designed really nicely and create a lovely touch.

 I also received two very well made hair flowers, I think these are what smelt good in the package. I have only featured one in this post as the other one goes absolutely perfect with an outfit I'm planning this weekend, so you will just have to wait to see it. I love all the individual colours used in this one, it goes so well with many of my tropical dresses right now, especially if I turn it to different angles to get the focus on certain colours at the front. I think I need to get some more of these Louella De Ville hair flowers, they are perfection!
I may have ended up going over board in the pictures I took but I had given myself huge fabulous hair that just had to be shown off.


Upon looking at the website half way through this post I learnt that the hair flowers are named after 1950s films. How amazing! I found the slip of paper that was on this one and its titled "Flaming star". I haven't see the film but I will defiantly make a note to watch it now.

Don't forget that if you put codeword "LIXXIE" in at the checkout you get a wonderful 10% off your order. Just another little something to say thank you.

Other outfit details:
Cardigan: Dangerfield 2014
Dress: Hearts and Roses London Available at Tragic Beautiful
Belt: Dangerfield 2013/2014

Penelope was far more interesting in other things to look at the camera but oh well, she still is a cutie!

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