Sunday, April 19, 2015

My top 12 Pin up problems

We all have them. There's always going to be that one morning where the flick of your cat eyes don't match or the wind just attacked your hair from behind. Here's my favorite but most annoying problems I have come across in years of dressing fabulous.

1. The eyeliner tragedy
Its the one where you start with one perfect cat eye then move on to the second one and they just don't match so you keep adding more and more to try and even it out. In the end you look like you've been punched in the face because there is that much eyeliner that its become a smudgy mess. The only way out is to start again, sometimes it can be a vicious cycle and you do this a few times. On a good morning you praise the eyeliner gods a few times.

2. I've been shopping for 20 years but have nothing to wear
The whole overflowing wardrobe, putting 5 outfits on in the morning then having a sulk because you simply have nothing to wear. This seems to be a common thing among many women out there. My way around it, plan in advance and buy a new outfit from your partners bank account! Its a win win for everyone.

3. I have way to many red lipsticks, says no woman ever
You have the drawer or box dedicated to all those red lipsticks. To any other person they look all exactly the same but then you shake your head and feel the need to go through why each is different. My partner gets the same talk every time we are in the make up section at the shops.

4. Always claiming cups with the little red lipstick ring
This one can't be helped but put it this way, you never do lose your cup.

5. The "are you going to a costume party" comment
Your walking down the street looking your best and left right and center you have people asking you if you are heading to a costume party. I am still yet to get an actual invite to this costume party they speak of, so many people seem to know about it so it must be pretty fun.

6. To get 8 hours sleep, or to spend an hour pin curling my hair and only getting 7?
Theres always that mini argument with yourself the night before about which is more important, hair or sleep. Hair always wins. You may be falling asleep the next day but at least your hair looks good. Pin curls are a full time job,but it does pay off to look fabulous.

7. Finding bobby pins is like playing Where's Wally
It was only last week you bought a 100 pack and now you only have 4. Its an inner struggle in the morning to find just enough to complete your victory rolls. I just hope where they are going is nice.

8. Packing for a weekend away with an overflowing suitcase
You really do need 2 different petticoats, 4 pairs of shoes, 3 dresses, 2 skirts, 4 shirts, the giant can of hairspray and if your lucky, your hot rollers. Its a only a 2 night weekend away but you never know when you are going to need that certain red top with that skirt.

9. I told your I'll be ready in 5 minutes half an hour ago
Opps, time just flies when you are trying to get everything on point. You may have missed half the movie but at least you can make an entrance. If someones asks what took you so long just point at the fierce cat eye flicks you have going on. 

10. The wind is your enemy
2.5 hours is how long it takes to get those pin curls bouncy and flowing perfectly. 0.8 seconds is how long it takes them to die an honorable death. On these days you just simply need to wear it up to avoid looking like you came out of the 80s.

11. The selfie struggle is real
You either take a billion and one flawless selfies or you take a billion and one terrible ones. There is no in between. If its a good day then all your instagram followers will know about it after the mini spam you post.

12. The special eating technique
We all know and do it. You do end up looking like this when trying to eat anything
but that's only because you are avoiding looking like a clown by the end of the meal, it just takes twice as long to eat than anyone else at the table.

These are only some of the problems I come across in my day to day life of dressing Pin up, I know I'm not the only one out there who come across these to. Tell me your Pin up problems.


  1. Ouch, this is far too accurate! I was already a slow eater before I started wearing red lipstick every day and sometimes I just have to wipe my lipstick off in order to finish my meal in time :D

  2. Haha this made me laugh, love this xx

  3. yes, yes, yes to EVERY SINGLE ONE.

    The best thing I ever did was buy a bulk pack of 999 bobby pins. I leave them in the jar and always return them after I've used them so I never run out.

  4. My biggest pin up problem- public toilets.
    Either you get the look of death waiting for the extra big toilet (usually claimed by a mother and child who will look under the door while your going) or sit with your petticoat all over your arms and head trying not to let it go into the bowl. Why are the stalks so tiny!! I love it when places make multiple diasaed access ones so I don't feel guilty trying to fit.
    Closely followed by carefully trying to arrange your petticoat in the car so you can still use the handbrake, then having perfect back seams crossing your legs and then end up wobbly 😫