Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Voodoo Vixen Connie dress review

Is it possible to be more in love with a dress than I am with the new Voodoo Vixen "Connie" dress form the plus size range? I don't think so!
I fell in love with this dress late last year when it came out in sizes S - XL but sadly all too small for me. I found out that it would eventually come out in sizes 1XL - 4XL and have just been waiting to get my hands on it. It was early last month that I decided to ask Voodoo Vixen when it would be realsed and to my surprise they told me the shipment had just came in and release would be at the end of the month. They then so kindly decided to send me one with the matching cardigan so I could show all you lovely people how absolutely amazing it is! They really are one wonderful company <3

I don't normally go for a dress that is more along the lines of the A line shape but I just could not pass up the beautiful cat eye glasses print and the wonderful neck line. I think out of all the dresses I have seen lately, the neckline on the "Connie" is by far my favorite. It's creates 3 amazing cut outs in the chest area that makes for one interesting dress. Its just so unique and I could not see it working on many other dresses out there. You may not pick up on it in many of these photos but it also has slightly puffy shoulders! It makes this dress even cuter! You can kind of spot them in the image below.

This dress may be less full in the skirt area than my others but that didn't stop me from popping on a petticoat to create the fuller look. I actually didn't know it was A line cut until it arrived and I had a look on the website to just double check the description. I think I would call this boarder line A line, the skirt is still a lot fuller than most A lines out there and works super well with a petticoat.

You know what wins me over when it comes to dresses? Pockets! So many dresses lack them or just lack spacey enough ones that it makes me openly look for dresses with pockets. The pockets on the "Connie" are towards the front of the skirt and lined with the same black piping that's around the neckline. It not only makes them stand out against the red but it creates shapes that tie into the neckline. The pockets are also quite roomy so you wouldn't have a problem fitting your phone and some lose change in without it sticking out. 

I ordered this in a 1XL from the new plus size range and it fits like a dream. I made sure I went by the size guide not only to get a perfect fit but because Voodoo Vixen have made some changes to the sizes (you can find the size guide in both listings). The material is heavy weight stretch cotton that may sound like you would sweat like crazy in hotter countries but its not! For a heavy fabric its surprisingly cool. The stretch part of the fabric is just another reason why I love Voodoo Vixen. It creates such a perfect and comfortable fit while giving you an amazing shape. Perfect for flaunting off some curves. You might not pick up on it in these images but because of the stretchy fabric there is no unnecessary digging in anywhere to make you feel uncomfortable. There's nothing worse than a dress digging in under the arms and just ruining your day. For those of you in the cooler countries, this dress would still be perfect. I can see if keeping in the warmth in a great way. Especially with the matching cardigan.

These two images give you a little more of a view on the shape of the dress from the waist down. Even without a petticoat this dress has amazing shape, sadly I forgot to snap a picture up but my petticoat is not that huge so it not too much of a difference. 
The dress sits rather nicely on my knees and I'm 5'8.

Lastly we just have to talk about that amazing print! I have loved cat eye glasses for a very long time, not just to wear but in anything. I find them just so fancy looking and there is so many different ones out there. I felt like this dress was just so me, I wear my cat eye glasses every day and they ended up matching so well. If the bold black glasses on the red background wasn't enough, in the corners of each is little details in white. Making it just that little bit more interesting. I ended up wearing this out for the first time a few days ago and got so many compliments, like more than most of my dresses. People was just drawn to its beauty.

The "Connie" dress is just a dream come true! If you possibly can then I suggest you get yourself one right now before they sell out. It makes me feel amazing and ooze confidence from the flattering shape and bold statement it holds.

If there is such a thing as a lazy pin curl day then I was having it. I set them all early in the morning then when it came to brushing them out I just didn't feel like having it neat. Personally I think it works well with the dress :)

Other outfit details:
Brooch: Dolly's diner brooch by Erstwilder from Kat Frankies
Belt: 2013/2014 Dangerfield
Hair Flower: Custom made from Petty Pennies
Petticoat: Ebay
Glasses: Specsavers

It wouldn't be a very good blog post with out Penelope getting in with her cuteness in cherries! She just gets more and more amazing each day. Love my little munchkin <3

Grab your own Voodoo Vixen "Connie" dress and matching cardigan from the links below

I hope you end up getting your very own fabulous cat eye dress! You will not be disappointed, I promise.

On a side note, by the looks of it a new camera should be coming my way within the next 2 weeks! Expect far better images very soon! 


  1. Alix, your hair looks particularly wonderful in this post, and I love this dress on you! I love it more and more every time I see it.

    xox Sammi

  2. Cute dress! And pockets should be in all dresses and skirts!

    And oh my gosh Penelope is so sweet and I love the little outfit.

  3. You look amazing in this Voodoo Vixen dress! I love how you accessorize it with the Erstwilder diner brooch as well! :)

  4. Um! Why did it take me so long to find your blog? Am totally sold on this and loving your blog in general. I have been um-ing and ah-ing about this dress, but I need me a Connie! <3

  5. Looking fabulous as always and LOVING the new blog look!