Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Poppy England Grace Cats dress review

I love finding companies who make amazing and very unique clothing. You know the ones with quirky eye catching patterns on a gorgeous shaped dress. Well a few weeks ago I found one! I may have mentioned them maybe once or twice here on my blog (or a lot!) but Poppy England is simply too wonderful not to keep sharing with you all. Oh and they gave me a 15% off code that you have to use!

Poppy England is a small business that was founded in 1980 by Stephanie and Michael Richardson. Back then they mainly focused on decor and bedding but soon moved onto children's clothing. In 2006 a lovely lady named Bryony (the daughter of Stephanie and Michael) took over the company and started the storybook adventures of Poppy and Fred. Bryony was always inspired by children's books and wanted to create a product that would mean more to the wearer than being "just another piece of clothing". With every piece of clothing comes a little story book that shares the adventures of Poppy and Fred with beautiful illustrations that tie in with the clothing. Each dress is truly a special piece of clothing that is made to last. In 2010, Poppy launched it's women's wear by popular demand with the traditional Poppy England border prints that actually match the children's clothing in some cases.

I have featured two of the Poppy England Grace dresses in my latest style boards (you can see those here and here) but they decided to send me one of those so I can review it all for you! You of course have seen the amazing Grace cat dress I keep sharing everywhere, a lot of you seem to really love it (like I do!). It has to be one of my favorite dresses in my wardrobe, not only for its cute black cat pattern but for the amazing quality. 

This dress does have the power to make me smile like a crazy person by the way. 
First thing I would love to point out about this dress is its amazingly full skirt. I was a little worried about the skirt not being able to be worn with a petticoat but I was so wrong. Of course it can be worn without and still hold an amazing shape but you know me, petticoat obsessed. I was wearing my short black Hell Bunny petticoat under this, I found the length to be just right. Not too short or too long.

You can find the black petticoat here but I have to say if you are going to order from Poppy England, they do have a great range of super soft petticoats that match each dress perfectly. Check them out for yourself here.

I didn't manage to get the best pictures of this annoyingly but it has to be my favorite feature of the Grace style dress. If you look closely you can see the neck shape has changed. This dress is designed to be worn two ways, one with a shallow V (perfect for showcasing necklaces) and the other is a more gentle round shape. This whole feature can completely change the way the dress looks and opens up more possibilities in how to wear it.

I really enjoy the whole look of wearing pearls and this is such an elegant style dress (with an edge), I thought they went so well and in my eyes completed the look.

I am still yet to read the lovely little book my dress came with, its actually sat right next to me. I did have a flick through and I just love all the illustrations! Its such a fantastic idea and it defiantly will keep me coming back to Poppy England, I just have to keep up with Poppy and Fred's adventures!

There is much more I have to tell you about this dress! 
Firstly, I love how easily it can be accessorized. You can completely stick with wearing black and white or you can just go ahead and throw some crazy colours in there. I'm thinking I may wear this with some red next time, and I will share the results with you all. I would also like to point out that this would be a great dress to wear for Halloween this year (or next). I would totally be some form of classy black cat obsessed witch! 
Secondly I have to tell you about the quality. Made from 100% very soft cotton and lined from top to bottom. I have noticed also how well this dress was put together. The type of dress that is built to last for many many years and be worn rain or shine. 
Thirdly, Pockets! There are two very roomy pockets on each side of this dress! I love when a dress has useful pockets, makes life just that little bit easier.
Lastly we just have to talk about them cats! I don't think I have seen such a perfect cat printed dress in my life. I have always wanted a dress covered in cats but half the ones I see have been a little childish or far to short. I am not to sure if there is such a thing as a grown up cat printed dress, but if there was this would be it. The pattern is so eye catching and I have gotten a whole heap of compliments in shopping centers while wearing this and its not hard to understand why. This is perfect dress for any crazy cat lady out there.

Belt: Kmart
Pearls: Birthday Present
Hair flowers: Gloss
Petticoat: Hell bunny short black via Beserk
Ring: Present

(I am wearing the UK size 18)

You should expect to see a lot more of this dress all across my social media, It really is one amazing dress that I just can not wait to wear over and over again for many different reasons.

The lovely Poppy England also gave me a 15% off code for all my lovely readers to use until the 27th of this month! That's only 6 days away so get in quick :D

Here's just a few more of my favorite Poppy England dresses. 
 A lot of these are for colder weather but I just can't help but love them!

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