Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A very Hell Bunny Halloween

I love Halloween just as much as the next person but always get stuck on the costume part (that's if I do something, I live in Australia). Thankfully, the wonderful Hell Bunny has endless spooky inspired clothes to choose from. I decided to pull a few of these together with a few ideas to help you out if you still haven't found a costume! Halloween is now only 9 days away!
Another wonderful thing about buying a Hell Bunny Halloween outfit is that is super easy to style the dress in your day to day life.

Pin Up Sailor Girl

1. Hell Bunny Claudia dress via Retro Glam
2. White Sailor hat via Atomic Cherry
3. Hell Bunny Elastic white belt via Atomic Cherry
4. First day of Cool flat via Modcloth
5. White Hell Bunny Petticoat via Atomic Cherry (not pictured)

This outfit is so simple yet so effective! I have seen the sailor girl look done many times over the years and still to this day love all the different takes on it. I think this is the perfect Hell Bunny dress for a Pin up Sailor girl look, and its also super easy to wear the dress in your every day life. This look of course can be done as is, or you could go the whole zombie dead look. With all the dark make up and fake blood. This dress comes in sizes up to 4XL.


1. Hell Bunny Vampiress Dress via Trash Monkey
2. Bat in Time tights via Modcloth
3. Bat necklace via Sourpuss
4. All bat and more heel via Modcloth
5. Hell Bunny Black petticoat via Atomic Cherry (not pictured) 

When I think of vampires I think of a flawless looking woman with amazing style. I think that this Hell Bunny dress portrays the perfect Vampiress, making it a very good costume to wear this Halloween and other days of the year. As you can see I paired it with a bunch of bat related items because lets face it, you can't have a vampire and no bats. I would love to wear this while having ghostly white skin, dark eye make up and piercing red lipstick! This dress also goes up to 4XL


1. Hell Bunny Spider dress via Tiger Milly
2. The vamp spiderweb necklace via Pin Up girl clothing (also has matching bracelet)
3. Charlottes web flats via Lady heels
4. Hell Bunny Spider cardigan via Off ya tree
5. Hell Bunny Black Petticoat via Atomic Cherry (not pictured)

Why would you not want to dress up as a spider obsessed lady? This whole look is very simple but you just can't help but think of Halloween when you look at it. Of course you don't have to wear the cardigan and the dress but for some of you its getting colder so you got to match while you go trick or treating. I totally would put fake spider webs and spiders in my hair and create some huge eye catching hair style.  Dress comes in sizes up to 4XL

Zombie Pin Ups

1. Hell Bunny forever dead skirt via JBR clothing
2. Hell Bunny forever dead shirt via Attitude cothing
3. Sipping Cappuccinos thigh highs via Modcloth
4. Reuniting heels in black via Modcloth
5. Black Hell bunny Petticoat via Atomic Cherry (not pictured) 

This was the outfit I originally wanted to share with you but ended up going off and doing heaps more outfits. I don't think this one needs much more done to it, it already is very Halloween themed on its own. I love all the little dead pin ups, stitched together hearts and other little objects that both the skirt and shirt are covered in. I would only pair this with a couple of simple things like pictured, I may even add a little fake blood to my skin for added effects. 

There are so many Hell Bunny dresses out there that can easily be turned into a Halloween styled outfit, these where just a few of my favorites I wanted to share and believe me I could have gone on! I do hope this helps you a little bit if you have been stuck for what to wear this year. Just wish they could all be worn at once!

The Hell Bunny Official Facebook page has many items you can look at and turn into Halloween costumes! 

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  1. I'm still trying to figure out my costume, thanks for the ideas!