Sunday, September 21, 2014

Foam Roller setting tips and tricks

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So a while back now I posted a brief review and tutorial about the wonderful foam rollers. Since then my skills have improved and I am getting some amazing sets, As you can see in the images above. Many of you are still asking me heaps of questions on how I am doing them (my first post was very brief), so I figured I would follow up with a few tips and tricks on how I set them, soon to be followed by brushing them out tips.
Please excuse some of these photos as I was setting my hair right before bed so it was dark.

My hair was rather dirty for this set, around 3/4 days after washing.

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As you can see I am still using and loving my Sculpture spray hair gel (Review post here). I spray just enough on each section of hair right before I roll them. Not only does it help stick the hair together, making it easier to roll but it holds amazingly too.
I don't wet my hair any more, I feel like I don't need to when I do this technique. If I think my hair is too clean I may spray a light spray of water using a spray bottle along side with the Sculpture gel.
Just remember if you are doing this on wet/just washed hair, you do want it to be 95% dry otherwise your hair will still be soaking wet when taking them out.

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I love volume in my curls and to create this I make sure I pull my hair straight out to the side or top and roll from there. This means the roller will sit on the base of the hair and not off.



These diagrams should help you understand what I am trying to say.

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More than 50% of the time when I roll my sets the little bar sits itself on top and you don't want that. This creates a silly kink in the curl. 

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What I do to avoid this is rotate the bar all the way around to the bottom (once the curl is in) and secure with a bobby pin. Make sure the bobby pin grabs the bar and goes under the roller to get the best results. This also stops the rollers from moving around too much while you sleep.

 photo imagejpg7-13.jpg

Most of the curl in these sets sit and frame the face so I try to squeeze as many rollers in the front as I can. That normally is around 3 or 4 on each side (not including fringe), depending on which way I have done my fringe.

Once I have done the whole head I spray everything with a bit more Sculpture spray and then tie a bandanna or hair scarf around my head to keep everything in place.

I slept in this set but I have done all day ones. You tend to want them to stay in for as long as you can. Mine is normally 7+ hours.

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As you can see, my set held up pretty well while I slept.

 photo imagejpg14-7.jpg

Make sure when you are taking them out to follow the curl around the roller. You don't want to yank them straight out of your hair as this can create a lot more frizz than needed. I hold the top and just follow the curl out.

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Now the brushing begins but I am going to tell you all about that in another post or 2. There is a few different ways you can brush out the curls to create different styles and I want to show you them individually. I also want to talk about the different setting patterns as well, what I have done here is just a basic one. I am still learning all these and what works best in my hair.

Rollers: Coles but also available in any hair store
Sculpture spray: Price line
Dress: Hell Bunny Sunrise dress
Cardigan: Dangerfield clear it store
Brooch: Erstwilder
Hair flower: Gloss

Don't be afraid to ask any questions


  1. I definitely can't wait for the next post! I pin curl my hair and when I brush my hair out (which is long--quite a few inches past my shoulders), it always gets frizzy or I brush out all the curls. I'm hoping that the methods for foam rollers should work for pin curls; either way, loved this post!
    xx Tessie

  2. I used foam rollers as a kid all the time, I want to buy some again. I'm going to have to save this for when I finally get some. :)