Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sculpture hair gel spray Review

So this week I have pretty much had my hair in foam rollers each night and amazing curls every day.
At the start of the week I was just using some styling mousse and hairspray but I found my curls would just fall out after a few hours. I decided it was time to find something a little stronger and made for hair curling, so off on a trip to the shops I went.
I decided to go to the Australian beauty shop Priceline as they always seem to have everything plus all hair products had 40% off, Win! I was greeted by so many hair products in brightly coloured bottles with a bunch of words I had never heard of on. I was a little confused so I jumped on to Google to try and find at least a little about some form of product. I learnt that ideally I needed a gel spray or a curl setting lotion. Annoyingly all the shelves where half empty due to the sale but I managed to gather up a bunch of brightly coloured bottles with the key words on to have a read. Nothing seem to be right for me, if I am honest they was filled with a lot of over selling bullshit. I popped them all back to move onto the next shop but one bottle caught my eye on the bottom shelf. It was a plain bottle with the words "Sculpture" and "gel spray" on the front. I gave it a read and it seemed exactly what I needed without adding some strange words and fancy text.

It kind of reminded me of something my Nan would use. The price wasn't to expensive either. $10.99 before the sale for a 250ml bottle. 

I have tried using this two ways since I got it. The first time I sprayed all my hair and let it dry. It did dry super quick and to my surprise didn't leave too much of a sticky feel in my hair. As I put each roller in I sprayed a bit of water on the strand of hair so it would set properly.
The curls ended up being very intense the next morning which was great! Each of the curls where stuck together from the gel but as I brushed they became fluffy but held their shape really well, even through styling the curls held. My hair ended up lasting the whole day, and I felt fabulous! 

 photo imagejpg3-11.jpg  photo imagejpg2-14.jpg
Sorry about the not so good images, was rushing to work.

The second time I used the spray I decided to not spray my whole head first but to spray each strand just before I put the roller in. I think I like this method more. As I was rolling each one, the hair managed to stick together and not cause any flyaways, making it easier to do and less messy. The next day the curls where even more intense than the first method. Each one was even tighter and once again kept shape as I brushed. They lasted the whole day without the need for a touch up.

 photo imagejpg3-8.jpg  photo imagejpg4-7.jpg
Same again, rushing out the door.

Yesterdays curls have even lasted through today. I brushed them last night and this morning and they look great! I would highly recommened the Sculpture hair gel spray. Its an amazing product with amazing lasting results.

Buy it here!

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  1. Just bought this to try! Was really struggling to find anything to use from a store instead of ordering online and having to wait for delivery! Hope my results are even half as good as yours