Monday, September 22, 2014

Modcloth Monday #7

I decided not to steer to far from the new arrivals section for Modcloth Monday this week so that's why you get a mixture of things!

The Memphis Melody caught my eye this week for its amazing colour contrasting. Its a delightful A-line dress that's perfect to swing around on the dance floor in. It has a bold red trim and coordinating flower shaped buttons down the middle that helps bring some colour to this amazing black stretch-knit dress. The whole dress comes together with the adorable Peter pan collar with matching red trim, cap sleeves and them oh so important pockets! I personally wouldn't wear this dress (as much as I want to) due to how it would sit over my stomach but I am sure it would look fabulous on some of you ladies out there.

It may be coming out of cardigan season here in Australia but that doesn't mean I have to stop wanting them. The I believe I look fly cardigan (and yes I did chuckle at the title) is one cute looking item of clothing I want in my wardrobe. The cardigan is vintage inspired and holds two perfectly placed embroidered birds on each side of the soft knit cardigan, happily perched beneath the tied, collared neckline. All of this cuteness is bought together by the pearly white buttons running down the middle and ribbed trim.

I have seen the Round-the-frock dress on a few fellow bloggers now and I always thought how amazing it looked each time. Its another vintage inspired dress but in rich hues of forest green, goldenrod and black. A colour combination I never thought could look so good.  The A-line soft tweed dress is covered with a unique pattern combination of classic plaid and dainty polka dots that is then dressed up by the over sized collar with yellow trim and 3 decorative buttons. This dress is just perfection, pity its to warm to wear it here.

Ice cream you say? Why yes please. This sweet treat shaped cross the body bag is so cute. It's built from a vegan friendly faux leather and has a sturdy gold chained strap to sit on your shoulder as you eat a strawberry soft serve and look cute doing so. The bag has a few inner pockets to keep all your belongings safe and sound while you are out having a fun day in the sun. I kind of want this bag so I can look cute all summer.

I don't wear heels all that often but I couldn't just scroll past the both of these amazing looking heels. 

The Artistic accountant heel is the most beautiful shade of teal that is perfectly matched with red piping all around the shoe. The front is a vegan faux suede that is not only pipped with red but also bordered with adorable polka dotted ruffles that match the back as well. I love the whole look of this shoe and if I owned the perfect outfit for these they would already be on their way to me.

I am really loving the simple black and ivory colours in the career appreciation day heel. These shoes could be matched with so many amazing outfits and still stand out. The simple heart pattern that covers the vegan friendly faux leather heels lead up to the wonderfully placed heart cut outs atop the front of each shoe. I want these in every colour combination possible, they just need to bring out more.

I should really start wearing more shape giving underwear to smooth out all the lumps and bumps and what better place to start than here?  Both of the corsets are made by Rago, a company that produces amazing shape wear that hugs the female body in all the right places. Each one has its advantages so I will have to let you decided what is best for your body but I do know I really want the cute mesh paneled Simply smooth waist corset, it just looks so comfortable and easy to wear. Oh and of course these would have to be paired with a simple pair of back seamed tights like the Slipping cappuccino thigh highs to give off that over all sexy feel.

This post wouldn't be any good without some form of cats thrown in! I may be 3 months early for the new year but I just couldn't wait to show you this cute little cat calendar!

Not my best Modcloth Monday, my brain just did not want to function! I do apologize. 

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  1. I'm in love with the Artistic Accountant heels. They are so cute!