Thursday, September 18, 2014

Things I love #7

Artwork by Fluff

If you have been reading my blog since the start then you may remember back to one of my first posts (here) all about the amazing Fluff! I love so many of the things this lady designs and creates (Bags, t-shirts, makeup bags, luggage labels to name a few) but lately I have been falling madly in love with her artwork. How beautiful do these two drawings above look? I can not wait to see more!

Oh and there is also a wonderful sale on makeup bags on the website with code GLAM25 :)
Click here to see everything in the amazing range.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Its already starting to heat up here in Australia and if you are anything like me, that means keeping out of the sun as much as possible. I do not need another summer where I am constantly burnt. Sourpuss have the most amazing range of quirky parasols perfect for keeping in the shade. These where just 6 of the 17 on the website so you will have to have a look at them all. They are made from paper so they are not suitable for the rain. It's just too hard to choose which one I want the most!

Navy // Red

I am in love with these bags right now. Both are by Collectif but no longer available on the website. I did manage to find them on the Sourpuss website for a lovely $65 each. They measure 9" x 7.5" and have a removable strap to be worn across body. Perfect for holding your every day needs while still look super cute. Now the big question is, Navy or red? :D

My love for the Voodoo Vixen plus size range is in very full swing right now (this does come in the smaller sizes). I really love the simplicity of the Gretta dress but it still holds something different about it. The cute cut outs around the neck match perfectly with the pockets on the full skirt. I can not wait until this dress is on my body. 
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Enter to win your own Plus size Voodoo Vixen Tilly dress and Eleanor cardigan here


  1. I want one of those parasols, especially the cherry print one!

  2. Hello Miss Lixxie! Thank you for your super sweet post about my artwork!
    I am so delighted that you enjoy it! Your blog (and you!) are so stylish and glamorous, I am honored for the mention. :-) xxx Miss Fluff