Thursday, August 14, 2014

Things I love #2

I fall in love with so many things on the internet. I can not help but share them with you all!
I am going to be trying a different layout to my first Things I love post, I think each item needs bigger images so you can see how amazing it is.

How cute are these Atomic star burst brooches by the amazing Craveyard!? I first saw these on instagram a couple of weeks ago and instantly knew I needed one or several. There is a few colours to choose from. Each one has been hand painted and made from a poured metal mold with a couple of jewels for that extra sparkle. I really like how they are the right size to be worn on their own or with a couple of others. Also if you take a look around the Craveyard etsy you will also notice they design their own fabulous atomic starburst fabric! I have seen a few people make it into curtains and other cute household items.

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I stumbled across the website Le Bomb Shop yesterday and spent some time going through the pages and pages of adorable reasonably priced dresses. There was so many to choose from but I have to say these where my favourite style due to the magical straps and 6 different patterns. The straps can be worn 4 different ways: Strapless, halter, regular or with three straps (halter and regular), I have never seen this on another dress so I am pretty fascinated by it and if you are anything like me and really not a fan of halter necks then this is perfect! It has all the cuteness of a halter but the benefits of a regular. I do need to order myself one of these in the coming months, or 2 ;)

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I have never thought to look on Modcloth for handbags but I am glad I have now. These are so adorable I just want to hug them! All are made from a very good faux leather and have plenty of room for all your everyday needs. The little fox or owl would just be so perfect over my shoulder while coming home from the shops on my imaginary vintage bike while I safely carry all my shopping from the farmers market in my little mushroom shaped backpack! :D So much cuteness in 3 bags!

All From Atomic Cherry

Its all about cute high waisted Hell bunny swing skirts on Atomic cherry and I want them all. I have seen all of these online for a while now and I am a little surprised I can still find them available. Each one is so perfect for spring (or any season), paired with a cute shirt and a little contrasting cardigan. I think I would practically live in these as they would be great for running simple errands during the day without needed to put to much effort into the outfit. 

Its been a week now since I started writing this blog and I managed to reach over 1000 views yesterday. Thank you ever so much! I am glad you like the random ramblings I am making in each post.

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Happy Thursday!

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  1. I bought the first dress (the white one with red and orange flowers) in Memphis last month, it's lovely! The skirt if really floaty and light (full circle) and the cups are slightly padded so it's really easy to wear.