Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fluff Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the ultra cute and girly world of Fluff

If you have ever seen me out and about you would know I am always accompanied by one (or more) of my wonderful Fluff products!
I saw the brand online a few years back and fell in love with the most adorable designs of sailor girls and mermaids covering every day items. I never got around to buying anything as I could not find an Australia stockiest (that has since changed, Atomic Cherry has a great range). When I went to Bali last year I came across a small shop that was selling some of the items and I quickly snapped them all up, only to return this year to buy more :)

Also, inside this post you will find my very first giveaway! So exciting :) The lovely lady behind Fluff has been kind enough to let me giveaway a beautiful Suzy Sailor print to one lucky reader. More details at the bottom!
Here's my own collection

Molly Mermaid Purse and Train case.
Suzy Sailor cosmetic bag, coin purse, purse and tote.
Some of these designs are still on the Fluff official website.
I carry my Suzy Sailor purse with me every day and it does not look like it has hardly been used which is surprising considering the mess the bottom of my bag can get. I didn't plan on buying the Molly Mermaid purse to but I know I will be devastated when my other falls apart (I doubt it ever will) so I figured I needed a backup. Each product is made from a very strong durable faux leather covered in an adorable print unique to Fluff. 
All the artwork and designs are original and hand drawn by the lovely designer Claudette Barjoud, which are inspired by her love for vintage style around the eras of the 1920s - 60s. If it was possible, I would own all of what's on the website. The inside of each item has an excellent lining with well thought out pockets for all your storage needs, there was also a matching pocket mirror in the Train case :D 

How cute are these luggage labels!? I love the little Hula cat so much. 
There is heaps more on the Fluff website.

Pin up girl T-shirt range

There are so many different products and designs on the website you will be there a while trying to work out which one to buy first!

Fluff giveaway

So I have teamed up with the lovely lady behind Fluff to bring you my first giveaway! So much excitement right now.

The prize is a print of one of my favourite little ladies, Suzy Sailor!
Who wouldn't want this little cutie on their wall?

 Print size 5.5 inches x 10 inches

The contest is open worldwide and all you have to do is like both mine and the Fluff Facebook page and also be following myself, Creepylittlethings on Instagram! This gets you 3 individual entries :)
If you do not have an instagram account, just state that where you would put the answer. However I will be checking if the winner does have Instagram and is following me.

You have 6 days and 12 hours from now to get your entries in! (Ends 20th August. 12am Western Australia time)
Winner will be chosen at random.
Check back then!


  1. I love the Molly Mermaid range! Planning on getting some stuff for my daughter (who just so happens to be called Molly!)

  2. Love all sea and beach themes. Sailor girl. And mermaids I have the original hula girl. I live on catalina island.

  3. That's the Suzy Sailor Tote I've been looking for for 2 years! <3

  4. Hi, I live in canvey island Essex, England.
    This print would look perfect in my newly decorated house. X