Saturday, August 16, 2014

Polka Dot vintage market

One of my favourite days of the year is when I get to head a long to the huge 3 in 1 markets at the show grounds in Perth. There's over 300 stalls with racks and racks of vintage/retro/rockabilly clothing, retro homewares, vinyl records, handmade goods, gourmet goodies, everything collectable and much much more. Its the type of place I could easily spend $500 in under an hour with no regrets.

 photo image-4.jpg
This is just one hall of the markets, the picture doesn't do the size justice.

Somehow I managed to get my wonderful boyfriend to come a long with me, which is odd as he hates crowds and this place was one of the most crowded places I have been but don't let that scare you off. I did keep losing Nathan at all the vintage Star Wars toys and the stalls full of old tools but he kept up when I gave him a delicious sticky date pudding cupcake. Towards the end of our time there he did find an old tool that would be handy at work so of course I bought it for him :)
I didn't plan on spending too long here but once I walked around once I felt the need to do it again as I knew there had to be many things I missed, plus I hadn't decided what item I really wanted for myself.
I fell in love with so many amazing items but stupid me didn't get that many pictures, here's just a few I did take.

 photo image-10.jpg  photo image-8.jpg  photo image-7.jpg  photo image-6.jpg  photo image-5.jpg

I'm not sure as to what they are called but I have wanted one of the fancy looking Lady heads for so long! There was many around but I just could not spend $80 on the smallest there, one day I will come across the perfect one. I did love the look of the huge pile of vintage suitcases, they were all different but went so amazing together. That is probably why someone ended up buying the whole lot! Lucky duck!

I did end up buying myself 2 things, a cute white vintage day dress covered in purple flowers. Sadly its a little too small but I shall keep a hold of it for the one day it does fit. The other item was something else I had fallen in love with ages ago online but had never seen them in person to want to buy them. The vintage market had a few of the vintage Japanese cat figurines around, each as perfect as the last but there was just one that I knew I had to have. I think you will be able to see why.

 photo imagejpg4-6.jpg

How perfect are they! I had a look around online for a little information but only came across this very similar Pink kitty. If you do know anything about them, please tell me! I would love to know more about my cute mum and kitten.

The polka dot vintage markets is a very good day out and if you are in Perth, I would highly suggest going along to one of the days.

Have you got anything amazing at a vintage market lately?

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