Thursday, August 7, 2014

Things I love. #1

Each week we all see things in shops and online that we must have, I know I am no stranger to it. Lusting over the same dress until pay day is a very common thing for me. I have decided each week to bring to you a bunch of items/brands I am loving and hope one day I can afford. So here we go with number 1:

1. Revlon Matte Lipsticks
I have a heap of these, and yes they are all different shades of red. They will always be my go to lipstick after trying out something new. The matte finish is amazing and I find they stay on a lot longer than most.
2. Hell Bunny Sunflower dress
I never intended to buy this dress but as soon as I tried it on a I fell in love with everything about it. The fit is perfect, the collar is different yet a great place for a prize brooch and the pattern is just to cute to pass up.
3. Chiffon head scarves
I don't have many of these yet myself but I wish I did. They go with every outfit and look great with a beehive, a big fringe or even pin curled hair. I have found mine in the past in second hand shops but you can get them from Pin up girl Clothing and Your one stop Pin up shop currently has a great range!
4. Destiny for PS4
I don't play a lot of video games any more and since we got the PS4 a few weeks ago we heard about this game and thought we would try out the Destiny Beta that was up for a week. I instantly fell in love with the multi player part as it was similar to my favourite game on Xbox, Halo. I can not wait for the full game to be out next month.
5. Erstwilder
Give me anything by the lovely Erstwilder! The brooches are amazing and I need more of them! I have several along with some necklaces but there is just too many out there. There is no direct website to buy from but if you search in google there is a heap of online shops that stock different brooches.
6. Fluff
I have never found the brand Fluff stocked in Perth but there was a little shop I found in Bali last year that had a few bits and bobs. I bought myself a purse, coin purse, and a small and a large make up bag. All the designs are so cute and different and the quality is amazing. My purse has hardly any wear and tear and I use it everyday. Of course I returned this year and got myself a handbag and the same purse but different pattern for when the other does someday die. 

Can you come up for a different name for this weekly segment? 


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  2. I love the sunflower dress! And the picture of you wearing it in the blog post above looks lovely with your red hair :)

    Rachel xxx