Monday, August 18, 2014

Modcloth Monday #2 (40% off New arrivals)

Its that time of week again, Modcloth monday number 2.
This week I will be focusing on the new arrivals on the Modcloth website due to the launch of an amazing 3 day sale which will get you 40% off! More details at the bottom. 

Shoes shoes and more shoes!

I don't buy enough shoes if I am honest, but if I had to I would own all of these in a heartbeat. They all are each as a cute as each other and would go great with any cute 50s/60s outfit. The Sweet spectator and the Editor's choice both come in other colours which makes the choosing even harder.

Wardrobe staples

These two you may have seen floating around but they have just made their way to Modcloth. I have to say they have been two of my favourites for a little while now.
The lovely all occasion pass dress is a very cute off the shoulder style covered in pink roses which should be a staple in any wardrobe. Its made of a lightweight cotton to help you get the best shape possible while remaining comfortable.
B.Jones Style skirt is to die for if I do say so myself. Its the most stunning swing styled skirt at the perfect length to be worn with or without a petticoat, both ways equally as cute. The lovely green colour is a great contrast for the detailed velvet fans that flock the elegant pleats. This would be great with a button front blouse, a cute cardi and a pair of perfectly matching shoes like the ones above.

A few cute things

I love the scientific diagram of a sailor, it a great piece of artwork for any wall with the added bonus of a moustache.  
I could spend hours arranging the little gnome in his garden with all his other fun figurines. I would feel so relaxed after doing so and all my worries would just float away while I used the miniature rake to smooth the surface. 

The sale will start at 9am PT time (So not just yet here in Australia, so I am early) and will run right through to Thursday 10am PT time. No coupon is required for the 40% off.
Make sure you check it out here :)

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  1. I love this, what you showed, shoes and dress are stunning!!