Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Red heads have more fun

 So this week I have had many people asking me about my red hair so instead of telling you all one by one I decided to make a post :)
First things first, my hair is simple but hardwork. I do it all myself not only because the hairdressers are too pricey but because I do it so often and enjoy having control over the colour and style.
Secondly, I am a natural blonde. A very light blonde but it has been years since I have seen my natural hair colour in full.

I never really use one specific hair dye, I seem to find that they all do the same thing and look the same when put on my hair. I buy the following 3 most the of the time.

What one I buy each time depends on what the store has, the difference brands and what one is on special that week. I always look for the brightest red otherwise it tends to come out more orangey. Normally it says something like Bright red or Intense red and it has to be permanent (it never is). The picture on the front is never that accurate either. 

I will dye my hair between every 3 -5 weeks, depending on how many times I have washed it and how much it has faded. I only wash my hair once every 7-9 days, more if I can. This helps the colour not to run and fade, it also helps to create good hair styles :D The shampoo and conditioner doesn't matter to much either, slightly because I have messed up skin so I have to use soap free stuff that makes it fade faster any way. 
 I bleach and dye my roots every 2 months or when I get sick of the sight of them. I have found over a period of around 6 months the hair colours have built up and created an orangey tone in the bottom of my hair so I bleach it all and start from a near white hair colour to achieve the brightest red.

A few other tips for keeping it the brightest red that I live by is to avoid over washing, avoid swimming in chlorine and try to wash it in semi warm/cold water. 

Do keep in mind that how I dye my hair can dry out your hair. I have had dry hair for years now and it doesn't bother me too much. I get the dead ends trimmed a lot. Its also my other secret to creating big hair and making it stay.
I have tried many many products and techniques over the years but none have worked for me as well as this does. I find that the bright colours you buy in hair dressers or the red hair conditioner does not work for me. 
This technique may not work for you so don't swear by it. Having red hair is hard work and a lot of upkeep.

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  1. I dye mine with the brightest red permanent I can find and then Directions Poppy Red every 2 weeks or so. I have brown hair and was worried if I bleached it it would then go pink or orange...but now I'm considering it!