Monday, August 18, 2014

Barrel roll tutorial

I thought I should start simple with my hair tutorial so where better to start than the wonderful barrel roll in the fringe! 

 photo imagejpg28.jpg

Its so cute yet super simple as I am about to show you :)
I would like to point out I do have a heap of hair and this is the way I style mine. It may not work for you but like I did, keep looking around and I am sure you will find the way that works best for your hair.

You will need:

 photo imagejpg1-24.jpg

Panel brush or any brush
Circle brush
Bobby Pins
Hair flower (optional)
Hair curlers (not pictured)

 photo imagejpg1-23.jpg  photo imagejpg3-12.jpg

I have started by brushing out all my hair (It is still slightly curly from foam rollers) and sectioned the front part. Notice I have gone a little further back than my fringe. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

 photo imagejpg5-7.jpg  photo imagejpg6-5.jpg

Brush all the hair to the opposite side of the way the roll will be and section off the first part. This doesn't have to be neat. Hairspray the roots of the hair first and then tease it using the comb.

 photo imagejpg9-4.jpg  photo imagejpg10-3.jpg

Tease enough so it stands up like in image 1. Repeat the process with each section until all is done :)

Still following? Its not that hard I promise! Practice makes perfect.

 photo imagejpg12-3.jpg  photo imagejpg13-2.jpg

Using the round brush, smooth out the top of the hair, trying to keep the teasing. If you have straight hair you may have to curl the ends together to help you with the next step.

 photo imagejpg14-2.jpg

Pull all the hair forwards making sure to keep it neat and smooth.

It may get tricky here now but I will do my best to make it sound simple.

 photo imagejpg15-2.jpg

Start by pushing the hair up, keeping it neat (the teasing should help with the shape). Pull the hair around to start creating the circle.
(This is hard to describe, I'm sorry. The picture should help)

Keeping all the hair together follow the shape of the roll right around to the middle.

 photo imagejpg17-2.jpg  photo imagejpg18-2.jpg

Should be looking like this once you get to the end.

 photo imagejpg19-2.jpg  photo imagejpg20-2.jpg

Pin into place. You may need 1 or 5. It doesn't matter too much as long as its held tight. Sometimes the pins can change the shape but don't worry.

 photo imagejpg21-2.jpg

I have pushed the side of the roll back to place a pin to help form the shape. Using a cupped hand you can push the top into place while keeping the shape.

 photo imagejpg23-1.jpg  photo imagejpg24-1.jpg

There we go! Make sure you give it a final hairspray to keep any hair from flying away. (Please excuse the drying hairspray in image 2)

 photo imagejpg31.jpg  photo imagejpg30.jpg  photo imagejpg36.jpg  photo imagejpg34.jpg

I added in a cute little hair flower to the side. Its up to you as to how you style the rest of your hair. I tend to do a simple pony tail so it doesn't take too much attention away from the fabulous fringe you just created!

Feedback is very much welcome. Do tell me if this helped you and I would love to see pictures of your results!

What other tutorials do you want to see?


  1. This is such a great tutorial iv looked on youtube at videps for the barral role but they all go soo fast, haha... but will deffo be trying this out for sure! Ohhh and i loove your blog and istagram piks they're soo insparational xxxx

  2. Love it, great and really helpful tutorial, will try :)

    1. Thank you! :D
      You will have to tell me how you get on!