Monday, August 11, 2014

Modcloth Monday #1

I know it was only Friday that I wrote up a post about a few of my favourites on the Modcloth website but I want to start up a segment called "Modcloth Mondays", so here I am again giving you 3 more beauties from the site that I instantly fell in love with.

Travelin' Twirl Dress in Country Layered Cupcakes Dress in Red and Blue Graceful Greenery Dress in Dog Park

First of all, oh my! These are all absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful and secondly I didn't intend on having a theme in the dresses I chose but I soon realized they are all very similar in shape and elegance but I'm fine with that.
The Travelin' Twirl dress is all about the pattern. If you are a country girl at heart then this is the perfect way to show it off. The vintage country scenes covering the dress has so much detail going on you'll end up just looking at it all day and nearly tripping over. It has a very neatly pleated skirt that just flows with or without the use of petticoat and a very cute plunge neckline that's going to work with any body shape.
The Layered cupcake dress has to be my favourite of the 3. I saw someone wearing it on instagram the other day and I knew I have to have it (or at least share its beauty around), thankfully Modcloth has it in stock. I love the Scarlet and blue roses and smoke tones leaves atop the crème hue, it works so well with the shape of the dress to create one elegant outfit for any day or night. A closer look at the details of this dress shows it has a little stretch in the material which is going to hug you in all the right places giving off a perfect body shape no matter your size. A petticoat can be worn under the full skirt if you wished to.
I chose the Graceful Greenery dress as my last because you really don't see that many bright red dresses accompanied with terriers, dalmatians and chihuahuas. I am still yet to buy myself a dress from the great range of Bernie Dexter dresses on Modcloth but I have heard nothing but good from other buyers. The strappy sundress with a fitted waist and a full skirt is perfect for any sunny day walk with your pups or just as cute paired with a cardigan for the colder days. 

Happy Modcloth Monday :)

Which one is your favourite of the 3?

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