Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hell Bunny review: Sunrise 50s dress

So you may have seen me almost living every day in this dress and for good reason, it's stunning. I have been a fan of Hell Bunny for some time now and own quite a few of their dresses, each as cute as the last but I would say this has to be my current favourite. I had seen it around on the internet and in shops but never intended on buying it, the pattern is very cute but I was always unsure on the fit.

Around a month ago I entered a changing room with a pile of Hell bunny dresses to try on and my friend handed me this one at the last minute. I firstly slipped into a 2XL and instantly loved how it looked but sadly it was too big around the chest (Shocker), so I grabbed the 1XL and it was somehow a perfect fit. All my Hell Bunny dresses rang from XL to 2XL, depending on the stretch in the material or the use of the stretch panel at the back. I normally fit into the 2XL when there is no stretch but this one has a little give in the material which gives a snug but comfortable fit.

I wore this without a petticoat while on holiday, but the dress does have a very full swing skirt so it looks amazing with a petticoat. It looks more casual and less fancy without one because of its perfect length but I feel more comfortable in my huge petticoats :) 

The Hell Bunny Sunrise 50s dress is defiantly bold and most certainly vibrant. The beautiful aqua shade contrasts so well with the yellow sunflowers that just needs attention. I love that this is a print that no one has seen before and its just ready for summer.
The wonderfully contrasting collar was the only thing putting me off before I tried it on. I thought it was a little on the large side and might make my arms look funny but I was so wrong. Its the perfect shelf to wear my favourite Erstwilder sparrow and frames my face so well. The belt made from the same material as the collar really pulls the whole outfit together.

Hell Bunny Sunrise dress via Off Ya Tree
Erstwilder Sparrow Brooch
Vintage Hair scarf

How many Hell Bunny dresses do you own?


  1. This dress looks perfect on you, especially with your hair color! I love the sunflower print Hell Bunny did, I was lucky enough to snap up the skirt :D
    I honestly couldn't say how many Hell Bunny dresses I own now - but they were the first reproduction brand I ever bought and they just keep on getting better and more amazing every season <3

    1. Thank you ever so much :D
      I need more Hell Bunny in my life!

  2. Love this print and shape on you! Hell Bunny rocks! :) x