Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Foam rollers: Yes or no?

So a lot of you have heard of the very inexpensive foam hair rollers that look just like this:

Image from Google images

I think I picked mine up for around $3 a 6 pack from my local supermarket but you can get them from almost any beauty/hair shop or even $2 shop out there. I ended up with about 24 rollers which just covers my head, sometimes I have left overs. 
I often put these in after I have washed my hair but ONLY when my hair is around 85% dry, other wise they will not work. They can also be done in between washes, just use a simple spray bottle with water and lightly spray each section as you roll them. I picked one up from IKEA for around 95c. 
There is many products out there you can use to set your hair and I am still looking for the perfect one for me (suggestions welcome) but for today's set I applied a small amount of curling mousse and a light spray of hair spray afterwards. 

 photo imagejpg3-4.jpg

I like to part my hair to the side when doing this style.

 photo imagejpg4-3.jpg  photo imagejpg5-3.jpg

Try not to twist the ends or let them get frayed when putting in the curlers as you can end up with a very frizzy outcome.
Just keep going until you have covered your head. 

 photo imagejpg6-1.jpg

Pop on a head scarf once done to keep every thing in place.
The great thing about the foam rollers is that they are so comfy to sleep in, so you can set your hair the night before and save time in the morning.
I did mine during the day this time and have just been laying around without any bother.
You do have to leave them in for a lengthy period of time to get the best curls.

 6 or maybe 7 hours later 

 photo imagejpg3-5.jpg

Yes, I did put make up on just for this post :)

 photo imagejpg5-4.jpg  photo imagejpg11-1.jpg

I carefully took all the rollers out, trying to keep hold of the curl in the first one, then brushed my fingers through to create an unattractive mess :D
I used a round brush to carefully brush the curls out to how I wanted them to look, this took around 5 minutes to achieve and really is not that hard. Just keep going until you are happy with the result. I teased my fringe up a little to give volume to the curls and added a cute hair clip, finished the whole thing with a bit of hair spray.

 photo imagejpg10-1.jpg  photo imagejpg4-5.jpg  photo imagejpg9-2.jpg  photo imagejpg3-6.jpg  photo imagejpg11-2.jpg  photo imagejpg1-14.jpg
Hair piece made by me.
(Sorry for the bad images, I was losing light in the room)
Personally, I find these to be the best way to achieve great curls if you have the time to sleep in them or sit around in all day. I use hot rollers for when I only have an hour or so to get ready.
I would highly recommend grabbing yourself a set but don't be scared if they don't turn out how you want at first. Practice makes perfect.

Feel free to share your tips below.


  1. I LOVE foam rollers! I use tony and guy curl gel (it's in a white pump) as my hair is naturally curly I like it a but heavier to set my hair- plus a lot if hairspray.
    Have you tried setting them on dry hair? Great second day lift :) and huge sections for waves :)
    I'm so glad you've posted this- I usually curl my bangs forwards but going to try the side part way next :)

  2. I've got foam rollers in my hair right now (at 2:30pm) -- trying to give my second day hair some curl for a concert I'm going to tonight. We'll see how things turn out because my hair really prefers a wet set.

    I do have a setting lotion, but I haven't noticed any difference when using it, so I don't bother most of the time.

    For ease, I really do love foam rollers. Things go up much more quickly than when I do standard pincurls and last longer than when I go the heat route with a curling iron or hot rollers. I don't find them particularly comfortable to sleep in (compared to standard pincurls), but it's manageable. I'm still working on just the right set, but we'll see if I ever get there!

  3. Have you ever tried pillow rollers? They are the best to sleep in (in my humble opinion!). I found a pattern and instructions on how to make them online and haven't looked back since :)

    1. To be honest, I have never heard of them. I shall give them a look :)

    2. I used the rollers back in 50s 1st thing wrong the roller is sponge gets wet from your hair takes 2 days to dry all the way thru. .2nd thing the plastic bar going a cross to clip leaves a screwed up bump on every roller. I slept for two days with them in my hair as a kid for school pictures only to have fuzzy hair.

  4. Ps. After 2 or 3 times using the sponge roller the middle of the sponge will not come back and stay compressed! ! As a kid I hated them!!!

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