Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bumper Bangs Tutorial

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Bumper bangs! A hair style I do so often because it really is rather simple and looks super cute!
I will point out before I start this, they are not perfect today, my hair just didn't want to go along all to well but I did my best :D

You will need:
 photo imagejpg1-29.jpg

Bobby Pins
hair accessories (Optional)
Hairband/clip (Not pictured)

 photo imagejpg1-27.jpg  photo imagejpg2-18.jpg

Brush your hair out to start with. Now make a section at the front (pictured) and clip or tie the rest back out of the way.

 photo imagejpg6-7.jpg  photo imagejpg8-5.jpg

Next part the hair in half again and pull the bottom section to the side. With the top section, hairspray at the roots and tease.

 photo imagejpg10-5.jpg

Should be standing like so :)

 photo imagejpg13-4.jpg  photo imagejpg15-4.jpg

With the same section, lightly spray the ends (this will help in the next few steps). Now curl under like pictured. You don't need to have the curlers on for too long. Around 10 seconds is fine.
Keep in mind, the hairspray and heat can damage your hair, I only do this because I have very dry hair any ways and the effects don't bother me too much.

 photo imagejpg16-4.jpg  photo imagejpg18-4.jpg

The end of the curl will be stuck together if you used hairspray, this helps to curl it up neatly. Pin this into place to cool down. It does not have to be neat.

 photo imagejpg19-4.jpg  photo imagejpg20-4.jpg

Repeat these steps with the bottom section and allow to cool.

 photo imagejpg1-28.jpg  photo imagejpg23-3.jpg

Once you pull both pins out you will have two nice and neat curls (picture 1) now carefully pull them together into one. To do this just unwind them and then let them re roll together.
If at this point the hair is too high, like mine was. I just ran my brush over the top of the fringe but not the ends. Just to help smooth it out.

 photo imagejpg24-3.jpg  photo imagejpg25-3.jpg

I make my roll around the same thickness as two fingers. I also try to keep my fingers in the roll to help me roll it upwards neatly. Keep trying until you are happy :)
Place a bobby pin on either side to hold.

 photo imagejpg26-2.jpg  photo imagejpg27-2.jpg

You should have something similar to picture 1 here :) Don't worry if its not too neat, we will be fixing this all up.
You will notice that the top of the hair is a lot wider compared to the inside of the curl. Just stretch this out very lightly, making sure the pins are still in place. If the pins start to fall, just add more.

 photo imagejpg28-2.jpg  photo imagejpg29-2.jpg

Tuck any stray hairs in and give it a very light hairspray on both ends.

 photo imagejpg30-1.jpg  photo imagejpg31-1.jpg

Very gently pull the inside of the hair up like pictured and pin into place. This is how we will get the rounded shape.

 photo imagejpg34-1.jpg

Repeat on the opposite size. Here you can fix up and push any strays in like we did before.
Some days I leave it like this as I feel I did a good job, sometimes I go further.

 photo imagejpg38.jpg  photo imagejpg37-1.jpg

If you want a more rounder shape, just push in like pictured and pop in a pin. Repeat on both sides.

 photo imagejpg40.jpg  photo imagejpg41.jpg

You should end up with something like pictured. I know mine is not perfect today, my hair hated me. Using cupped hands just push and mold into shape.

 photo imagejpg42.jpg

We are almost done! Time for accessories :)

 photo imagejpg45.jpg  photo imagejpg49.jpg  photo imagejpg47.jpg  photo imagejpg51.jpg  photo imagejpg48.jpg

You can use a simple hair scarf for cuteness.

 photo imagejpg53.jpg  photo imagejpg54.jpg

or a pretty flower on the side :)

This technique is not for everyone, I will be showing you in the coming weeks how to create almost the same look using a foam roller.

My thick hair does help me a little in doing this hairstyle.
I am very aware of how I may do things can damage my hair.

I hope this helped you out :)

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What tutorial do you want to see next?


  1. This is great- I always have a lot of trouble getting my bangs rounded properly but that little push is perfect. Thank you :)

  2. This is a very helpful tutorial! I've always wanted to try this, but I love that your photos really broke down the steps. As verbal as I am, with something like this, I have to imitate pictures! I'm not sure whether or not this will work on me, since my actual bangs are so short, but I guess if it doesn't, it's an option for if I grow them out!

    xox Sammi