Monday, August 25, 2014

Modcloth Monday #3

Modcloth monday again!? Why yes!

I unknowingly made today all about collars until I had them next to each other. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good collared dress and these are defiantly 3 amazing ones. 
The address the room dress and Mod of approval dress are very similar but who wouldn't want both hanging in their wardrobe? Each one has a sleek collar, front button closure, short sleeves and a wonderfully full flowing skirt, perfect for running around town in. They both feature a very simple yet cute polka dot pattern which just adds to the dresses retro charm. 
The mum as you are dress has to be my favourite of the 3. It is pretty much the same in shape and style as the other 2 but features an amazing bright yellow flower and vine pattern that just captivates the eye of any one passing. 
Any of these dresses would look amazing paired with a cute cardigan, a pair of white flats and an over the shoulder satchel to really bring the whole outfit together.

Point of You Shelf

I love quirky household decorations and this is up there with some of my favourites. A few of my silly knick kancks and cheesey family photographs would look great collected on this eye catching arrow shaped shelf that I would place pointing towards the kitchen :D

A girl can never have to many swing skirts!
These two stood out to be because of their simple features that can be paired with an awesomely pattern shirt or t-shirt and still look cute. 
The Every bewitch way skirt features two pockets along the top which are guarded by two cute little red bats that are helped stand out by the red colour block band and the black background. 
I really like the bold colour of the Spontaneous swing skirt that is broken up by the wavy black hemline band that would look amazing as you twirled around to your favourite tunes. 
Both of these colour be worn as is or with the help of a huge petticoat to create that extra fullness.

I could keep going with this post as there is so many items to fall in love with on Modcloth but I wouldn't have anything to post for next Monday :D

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