Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wishlist - Pinup Girl clothing

It's no secret, I love Pinup Girl clothing!
I have a number of items I have purchased in the past from PUG, but I wish I could buy so much more. Each item they create is amazing. Not only for the beautifully unique patterned (and plain) fabrics but because each item is made with such quality and love, it makes you keep coming back for more.

I always have a few items sitting in my PUG wishlist but very rarely end up buying them because they are a bit out of my price range. It doesn't help that I live in Australia and have to pay a big amount just for postage so I always buy more than one item to justify the cost. 
A good sale always comes along and if I have the money I just can not wait to snap up a few bargains to add to my ever growing collections of beautiful PUG pieces. 
Here's what I am currently drooling over

1. I wont say much about the Birdie dress in Red because I have said it all here. I just love the blue so much I want all the colour ways. It really is a perfect dress.
2. I wouldn't normally buy a plain dress from PUG because I would rather pay for a uniquely patterned dress but I would make an exception for the Havana nights dress. The shape of the dress is perfect, with a cute V neckline and a full swing skirt making it a very flattering dress. There is a few different colours available and I can not help but look at each one and think about the endless colour and accessory combinations it can be paired with.
3. I am obsessed with the 4 Harlequin colour combinations PUG has to offer right now but I have to say the turquoise is my favourite. I still do not own a Jenny dress but I have tried one on and I love the amazing structure in the bodice that flows out to an amazingly full swing skirt giving of some amazing curves ;) The harlequin is an amazing pattern and with the amount of colours used the combinations of accessories are once again endless. 
I need this dress in my life ASAP!

Some of you may have noticed that I already own 2 Jenny skirts, The cherry border print and the plain black. They are by far the best swing skirts I have ever purchased that I just want more and more.  They are made from an amazing material that keeps the skirt a little stiff which means great full shape even without a petticoat. 
4. Just because I love the print I want a skirt in a different colour!
5. I think the orange border Jenny skirt has to my favourite right now and therefore 2nd on my wish list (but lucky last here). I love how the amazing orange and green colours pop against the simple white background making the options for the top endless. There's not much more I can say about this one, just by looking at it you can see how perfect it is.

Do you have an endless PUG wishlist too?

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