Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Things I Love #25

Shirt dresses are by far my favorite style of dress. They are always so sweet and girly looking from top to bottom, I need to own a lot more. These two Caterina dresses in different colours come from the wonderful Collectif. I noticed the navy a little while back and fell in love with the whole shape, it holds the perfect collar and simple little sleeves for day to day wear. I was just about to pop it in today's post and bam I am greeted with the light blue version on the website. My mouth fell open! I need this dress so bad, I will most likely order a few things from the website next week as I don't think I can live with out it, well that is if they re-stock my size by then. It seems really popular. I think I have a dress problem.

Or maybe a flamingo problem! These cute shoes from T.U.K where brought to my attention this week by a fellow Instagramer. I love how you all tag me flamingo relate stuff across the internet. I must be known as the crazy flamingo lady. These are another must have in my wardrobe, so simple and so cute. 

I am guessing a lot of you have seen the movie Cry Baby (1990) by now, if you haven't then I suggest you should. The lovely For the Love of vintage who I have mentioned in the past, has just brought out a whole heap of these candy hearts with various sayings on. This one has to be my favorite because of its reference to the movie and also how I don't like interacting to people in supermarkets so much. My other favorites include "You go Glen Coco" "Pin Up" "Dollbaby" & "Worst.brooch.ever". There are some great ones in the list, just have a look for yourself.

Until next time! Bye <3 


  1. I looove Cry Baby! I don't know if you're familiar with Candy Strike (www.candy-strike.com), but they have some awesome Cry Baby and Hairspray themed accessories and tops!

    xox Sammi

  2. I love those shirt dresses!


  3. I have been lusting after those dresses a bit lately too, they are adorable and I definitely have a dress problem