Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Things I Love #22

I just got my latest Lindy Bop order and then they go and bring out more fabulous dresses! Thats just cruel. I am now going to have to go back and order at least these 3 beauties. I love all my Lindy Bop dresses and really have no problem with adding to my ever growing collection. I love all these dresses for different reasons. The colours used in the Taylor are perfect and just screams cute! The use of polka dots is always a winner with me and the Rebecca does it so well. Lastly, I have fallen in love with the cute embroidered flower details in the Suzie, they are just amazing and tie in so well with the red detailing in the dress. I know where my next pay is going!

I learnt this week that it is possible to be in love with 3 (or more) teacups at the same time! I randomly found the Quirky cup collective on Instagram when my attention was bought towards the Flamingo teacup. I just love anything Flamingo, I can count at least 10 objects with them on around me and I know I missed some! All the Quirky cups are designed and hand painted in Adelaide, AU and no two are ever the same. I just think they are amazing and the lady behind them is so talented! Hopefully soon I can get my hands on a Flamingo, cherry and pineapple themed cup with my name on of course. I don't even drink hot drinks that often but if I had one of these I know I would everyday! You can find the Quirky Cup Collective on Facebook :)

Sugar and Vice designs are another new found love ever since I saw an amazing flamingo related item. This flamingo statement necklace is just perfection and would go with so much in my wardrobe. Its made from wood with a mirrored finished to catch the eye of everyone who passes by. Not only does Sugar and Vice have an amazing range of pre-designed jewelry but they also have a section where you can get items personalized. I think I really need a "Miss Lixxie Lou" necklace to wear to events to make it easier for me when I get asked to spell it out (I also need business cards but I have not got round to it). If you have a look at Sugar and Vice on social media you will see all the amazing custom orders, some of the quote brooches and necklaces make me laugh :)

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