Friday, March 13, 2015

Bakers Gotta Bake - Jubly-Umph

Earlier this week a wonderful package arrived on my door step with a whole heap of accessories based around food and baking. Two things I absolutely love! They are all a part of the new range "Eat, Drink, Bake", designed in Melbourne by the wonderful Jubly-Umph. I have known of Jubly-Umph for some time now and have always admired her unique Lady head designs and her way of designing such amazing statement pieces. I have been meaning to add something from her range into my collection for some time now so you can guess I was over the moon when asked if I would love to be sent a few bits to share with all of you!
I had a bit of fun taking the images for this (you may pick up on that), seeing as most of the items are based around baking I ended up having a bit of fun in the kitchen. You might also pick up on the fact that I have a new camera! I am still getting use to the pictures it takes so it might take a few posts before they are decent.

These items are just to amazingly packaged that I had to share. I do love a company that takes the time in presenting each item in a beautiful package. One of the items came in a wonderful little tin that I will gladly find a great use for on my dressing table. Others came in a little pouch and a polka dot sleeve! I also loved the addition of the flamingo postcard that I had to frame and now it sits on my book shelf.

Each item is so sweet looking and all solid stainless steel with a resin finish. Basically these are built to last which is good because I see myself wearing these for many many years to come. I won't only be wearing these around the kitchen as I bake my weekly cake but I will also show them off to the world! I am so glad Jubly-Umph included "The baker" brooch as I admire the lady head designs and have wanted one in my collection for some time now.

The "Mix Master" necklace also comes as a brooch (as do some of the other items). Secretly I think this is my personal favorite due to its unique and vintage design, oh and how well it goes with this dress. Also look at how amazing the business cards are, I am going to stick these somewhere to.

Each piece has so many different colours, making them go with so much in my wardrobe. You will be seeing a lot of these I can tell.

Cardigan clips have to be the greatest thing ever designed and these ones have burgers on! I don't think you can get more amazing than that. I need more of these in my life, especially when the weather cools down and its okay to wear cardigans, right now I might look a bit odd in the heat.

As you can see I had far too much fun in the end playing with my new camera and yes I did put flour on my face! These baking related items made me do it, I swear!

Of course there is more in the collection that I hope to one day add. The pizza and milkshake especially!  

Jubly-Umph has just become one of my favorite Australian based artist with such amazing designs. This is all just the new range, there is a pretty impressive range of so much more including flamingos and cats on handbags and sewing related jewelry. All of which I need in my life!

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Other outfit details:
Red and white square dress: City Chic
Red and white polka dot dress: Lindy Bop
Glasses cardigan: Voodoo Vixen
Hair Flower: Pretty Pennies
Belt: Dangerfield 2013/2014

I have so many more blog posts to come. I had put many on hold due to waiting on getting my camera. I got myself a tripod so now I can take decent pictures anywhere. :)

Thank you for taking a peak today.

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