Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Creep Heart by Ella Mobbs

I received a wonderful package from Creep Heart last week and I must say that everything is perfection! I have admired Creep Heart for some time now and admire every design the wonderful Ella Mobbs designs but was yet to add some to my own collection. I was over the moon when I was asked if I would like to be sent a few of the latest goodies to show all of you! The latest range is amazing and I just need to grab more! 

I got sent a selection of goodies as you can see. 3 brooches, a necklace, stickers and a couple of cute postcards. I love how I have become known for my flamingo obsession, I really don't know where it comes from but thank you for noticing Creep Heart :)

The packaging is so cute on every item, the two outer brooches are presented on cut out coffins. Once again I have kept the packaging just to look at. I love companies that take the time to not only make great items but present them well, it really wins me over. The postcards are a great touch to and I can't wait to put them in frames and sit them on my book shelf.

How amazing is the Creep Heart Valentine brooch!? I think its a personal favorite of my just started collection. Its all beautifully drawn and printed on acrylic just like all of the items I received. I love the use of the clear window with small details, its really sets the brooch apart from any other out there.

I have already found myself wearing the Eye Heart you necklace almost every where I go. Its so simple and cute and once again perfectly made. It goes with so much in my wardrobe and sits in the most perfect place to make eye contact with everyone that passes by. This pendant also comes in a brooch version which also would make a great addition to any outfit. Have a look at the product on the Creep Heart website because that black laser cut frame has so much detail that I forgot to really capture to show you. Its so well done and compliments the eye artwork perfectly.

Annoyingly I was wearing completely the wrong outfit to show off the Dying Mingo mini pin as it got a little lost in the pattern but either way its adorable! I do love a good flamingo and this one is printed on a creepy but cute acrylic coffin. I need more Creep Heart flamingos, they are the best!

It was so difficult to capture a picture that would show all the detail in the Night dreamer brooch but I think this one does it pretty well. Its made up of two layers, the top layer shows a lovely lady gazing off at the twinkling moon that is on the clear acrylic under layer. This is such a unique brooch and I just love it so much! There are a heap more that have the same concept (two layers, one clear) from Creep Heart and I just need more! I think I am now obsessed with this look. I don't think Ella Mobbs can really do no wrong when it comes to designing beautiful unique accessories. This one also comes in a necklace making it yet another stand out piece to any outfit.

 I would put my other favorites from the Creep Heart website here but I just love so many of them it would be far to hard to narrow them down to fit on something you could actually see. Go check out all the brooches, necklaces, ear rings, prints. cardigan clips, phone cases and much much more on the website here

I just decided to do some exploring of the website and found something I was meant to buy myself ages ago but completely forgot! The Horror Mingo iPhone 4 case will be mine later this week! Plus all the phone cases are on sale, even better!

Other outfit details:
Dress: Second hand
Belt: Dangerfield 2013
Hair Scarf: Kat Frankie's gift

 Thank you so much Creep Heart, I can not wait to add more to my little collection!

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