Monday, March 30, 2015

Voodoo Vixen Felicity dress in Plus size review

Voodoo Vixen have done it again and made another fabulous dress but this time with a tropical theme! It goes perfectly with my small but growing collection of tropical patterns in my wardrobe but this one is a lot bolder and fun. Tropical patterns have been my go to pattern this Australian summer and I will continue to wear them in to the winter. I had seen this dress in the smaller sizes not so long ago and fell in love with the little hula girls all over the dress. They give it great character among the bright tropical flowers. Recently Voodoo Vixen added it to their still new plus size collection and I had to just snap it up and show you all. The Felicity also holds a wonder of great features and fits like a glove.

When I looked at the dress listing before I choose to receive this dress, I never actually noticed the little wooden rings on the straps. It was a pleasant surprise when I opened up the package and slipped it on. They make such a great addition and really set the dress aside from other tropical dresses out there. It adds so much character with something so small. 
I also want to point out the little faux collar on the bust. It works really great on the Felicity as it breaks up the bold pattern a little and draws your eyes to the bust area ;) The black piping around the bottom edge helps it do this in a very good way. 

I don't think I could be any more in love with the fit of this dress. I ordered the 1XL from the plus size range and it fits perfectly still with extra room to breath and move. It is made from a heaver material but that being said, it still is a very light and airy dress. Perfect for hot summer days. The material has a great amount of stretch to it and hugs you in all the right places wonderfully. There is no unnecessary digging in around the under arms or waist due to the shape of the dress.

There's also two stretch panels around the side of the dress to give it that bit of extra room but also helps it to remain comfortable and breathable. I love how Voodoo Vixen decided to put these at the sides and not completely across the back. I am not the biggest fan of how these stretchy panels look but when done this way I don't mind it. There is also a centered zip to help you get in and out easily.
I just have to point out that I am in love with this picture! I don't think I have ever taken a more amazing picture from the back than this. I tend to normally hate how I look from the back. Goes to show that this dress does wonders for your curves!

Earlier this week I was sent a lovely little care package from the wonderful Closet Confessions boutique and in that package was this wonderful red belt made for plus size woman. It goes perfectly with so much in my wardrobe and also really does wonders for the Felicity dress. The belt is super comfortable and stretchy and comes in a range of colours.

With and without petticoat

 I love showing you guys how an outfit looks when styled different ways. The Felicity looks amazing styled with and without a petticoat. This is defiantly one of those few dresses in my wardrobe that I would wear without a petticoat due to how it still has great shape in the full skirt.
There is also two deep pockets, one on either side of the skirt. They hold your phone and lipstick perfectly well and keeps them hidden if you don't want to be carrying a handbag.

Voodoo Vixen have outdone themselves again! This dress is perfect for all you curvy ladies out there due to how comfortable and amazing it is is!

Get your very own Felicity dress from the links below

Other outfit details:
Pineapple brooch: Vintage
Black beaded necklace: Debstar Designs
Wooden bangles: Second hand
Petticoat: Hell Bunny via Beserk

I made Nathan jump in on a picture with me :) We don't have enough family snaps yet. Need to make him get in on more.

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  1. I really love that Voodoo Vixen dress, such a gorgeous tropical print on it...looks great on you too! :)

  2. What a beautiful dress! I'm trying not to buy more clothes until I'm down to the size I want to stay but man this makes it hard! ha And lovely family photo. :)