Monday, February 23, 2015

Things I Love #21

Earlier this week a new line of clothing was released called Lady Voluptuous. A wonderful range of clothing designed in collaboration with the lady behind Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Georgina Horne and aimed at the fuller figure woman. I don't think I could be in love with this brand any more. Georgina always looks fabulous and I have always wanted a little piece of her wardrobe and now I can. Lady Voluptuous is the sister label of the already amazing Lady V London and is designed straight out of England. As a bigger woman myself it can be difficult to not only find clothes big enough in the style I like but to find them well made in a way that caters to the way a woman's body is shaped. You can clearly see in all the dresses that they are made to make you feel amazing!

There is currently only 12 dresses in the range and I love them all but the Red Rose floral Cosette dress is a clear winner for me. I love the whole shape to the dress and because of the longer sleeves its going to be perfect for them colder days or even the colder nights when you want to look glamorous. This red rose print is used in a few of the Lady V London dresses and I have been meaning to add it to my wardrobe. I think the print is already classy to start with but being put on this dress takes it to a whole new level! I can't wait to see more from Lady Voluptuous and Georgina Horne. 

I'm really not a sandal type of girl, even while on holiday but I think that could be because I have never found the perfect ones. Until now that is. We all know I am obsessed with flamingos so why wouldn't I want to add these to my small shoe collection? I feel like I would wear this every where I could just to show off how amazing they are. They would also go so perfectly with all the flamingos in my possession. Before these I was a big fan of the Cherry pop version that I am still yet to grab, hopefully soon I can call both pairs mine. Miss L Fire make the best shoes!

Embrace Your Waist range from Charlie Heartbreaker
Sweets // Tape // Corset

I am very much for body positive messages so as you guessed I am in love with the Embrace your waist range from Charlie heartbreaker! There is 3 designs and they can be put on various coloured hair bow or be made into a brooch, it is really up to. I would defiantly rock one or all of these on my clothes any day. They have the best message and the artwork is super cute!

There was so many cute dresses I could have showed you this week but I didn't want it to be all dresses like last weeks H and R London special Things I Love. It also means I can slowly show you them over the coming weeks or even buy them to review them!
Stick around to find out :)

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