Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Little ray of sunshine

I was feeling so summery and bright today in a dress that has been sat in the back of my wardrobe for a little while now. I'm not sure why I haven't worn it, last year I practically wore it everywhere. You may have already seen me it but today I am focusing more on the amazing accessories in my outfit.

I just feel like the biggest ray of sunshine in this dress!
It's the Hell Bunny Sunrise dress and you can check out one of my older posts where I review its amazingness here. I got mine from Off Ya Tree but there is still so many places that stock it, just search for "Hell Bunny Sunrise dress" in Google and something is bound to come up.

This outfit was more about  showcasing the fabulous accessories that came in to my possession this week. One of which I won in a contest and the other I fell in love with and had to have.

I think all three of these items are a match made in heaven!
Lets talk about the sunflower hair clip first off. Its from a designer I have admired for ages but never got around to buying anything from until now. I just could not turn down the sunflowers. It goes so perfectly with this dress and I am just obsessed with yellow right now. The adorable little berries are just the icing on the cake! I have a few other outfits in mind where this will defiantly make an appearance. Plus, every time I look it it brings a smile to my face. Its just so bright and cheery! Perfect for these wonderful summer months.

The hair piece is from the wonderful Gigis Retro closet. All of her pieces are one of a kind and each as fabulous as the other! The quality is outstanding as well. Made with good quality flowers and put together with such love and care.

You can grab your own on of a kind piece on the Gigi Retro closet Etsy or check out the Facebook page :)

The other part of this outfit is the wonderful pineapple brooch. I won this in a contest with Pin Up Persuasion for their 3rd anniversary. It was such a fabulous prize as I have been after one for quite some time now.

This brooch is from the one and only Luxulite. A company who make amazing 1940s/1950s style jewelry that I am obsessed with. I was allowed to choose any piece from her current range but was a bit disappointed that the pineapple piece had sold before hand. To my luck she has some pineapples left over and was able to create this beauty for me. I finally own a Luxulite brooch! I feel such an obsession coming on. I get a bit excited about brooches and end up buying so many, I have a jewelry box full and slightly over flowing. That's not includinng my Erstwilder collection, they still live in their boxes on a shelf.. I am going to end up wearing this every where possible because it just brings me straight joy with the bright colours and cute little pineapples. If you are ever after a one of a kind well made brooch then Luxulite is the place to go!
Grab your own little piece of vintage inspired fun from the Luxulite Etsy page or check out the Facebook page.

My little Bubba. Penelope was looking extra cute today so she had to get in on some pictures! I get far better pictures of us together with my iPhone because she stares at my pineapple phone case. She's not so sure about the iPad :D

I have so many posts and reviews coming up for all of you in the coming weeks, including another fabulous dress from Voodoo Vixen! 


  1. You and Penelope are so cute! This is my favourite dress but I've just had to retire it to the spare room wardrobe because it won't accommodate by growing bump anymore! xx

  2. Your hairflower and that luxulite brooch really do go so well with your Hell Bunny sunflower dress! Very cute photos of you and your little girl as well!! :)