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Lindy Bop Matilda dress review

I fall in love with a lot of Lindy Bop dresses but when I saw the Matilda I just knew I had to have it in my wardrobe. Its just so cute, it reminds me so much of Minnie Mouse.
I have noticed that there is a few of you out there that have also been sucked in by its beauty so I have decided to give it a little bit of a review. Don't worry, it's all pretty much good!

One of my favorite dress styles has to be the "Shirt dress". I am not 100% sure why but its something along the lines of loving collars and button down fronts. It doesn't matter if its long sleeve, short sleeve or none at all. I aim to own as many as possible. 
I adore so many Lindy Bop dresses and own a few, there's just something amazing that keeps me having a wish list as long as my arm and an empty bank account. I have to point out that it did take me a day to finally hit that purchase button on the website, it was all down to sizing. In the past I have grabbed sizes 16,18 and 20 from Lindy Bop and all fit like a dream. Its just a matter of what material is used and the shape/look I am going for. The last dress I purchased was an 18 without stretch but fit amazingly, I tend to go down in size if the dress has stretch as I like it to be more fitted. Any ways, I am getting sidetracked. I ordered this dress in a 20 because upon several reads of the size chart I realize a size 18 would just not fit. I did um and arr and nearly bought it but the dress has zero stretch and so if it didn't fit it would just be too much hassle to send back to England. I cannot stress enough with Lindy Bop dresses to check the size chart and compare with your measurements. Its the only way to get the best fit and avoid getting it wrong. Sizing around the world is so very different. I am glad I grabbed the 20. Any smaller and I would not get in.

I do want to point out that this is not the dress for the larger breasted woman. Mine are not very big to start with but while I am breastfeeding it can be a little tight at times so just keep that in mind.You can of course push them up and create some major cleavage like I had to at one point but you do want to still be able to breath. I suggest going up a size and wearing a belt to keep the waist in.

As you can see there is a little bit of pull on the buttons but it does get hidden from the side because of the wider cross over sections. Also, this was taken towards the end of the day and quite a few hours after my last feeding of the little one.
On that note, this dress is a great breast feeding dress! They are so hard to find but shirt dresses are perfect.

The Matilda fits wonderfully around the back and has plenty of room in the underarm department. No unnecessary digging in here! Please excuse my horrible sun burnt arms, I may have lived in Australia for nearly 8 years but I still forget to put sun screen on in summer :/

Without petticoat and with petticoat

You can wear the Matilda any way you want. If you have followed me for a long time now you will know that I love my dresses huge and wear a petticoat more a less every day. On the rare occasion that I don't it is because I'm popping out to get some milk at the end of the road and its just to warm. This would be one of the few that I can do without a petticoat because it still remains super cute and holds fabulous shape.
You can see in the second photo that the skirt sits right on my knees. I'm 5'8 and think this length is perfect for me.

The material used is 100% cotton and very good cotton I must say. One of the softer feeling dresses in my wardrobe. This dress is lined but not to thick. Living in Australia you want a dress that's super lightweight and thin to keep you cool which this dress does. This is just perfect for the those hot summer days and next time I will remember to wear sunscreen! I wore this out Friday night to a concert, I did do a lot of dancing and was surrounded by a bunch of sweaty people but I still felt cool because of the material used in the dress. Any heaver/thicker and it would have been a completely different story. 
Don't shy away from it if you live in the colder areas though. I plan on wearing this year round with adorable cardigans, tights and multiple petticoats. I love wearing cardigans and collars! 

It did come with a matching belt but you know me, I like to mix it up a little!
I just adore everything about this dress. The collar is the best shape for the dress and is perfect for little brooches. It all does up wonderfully with the 5 little red buttons that pulls the dress in to create amazing shape. I am also so in love with the print. Red and white polka dots never looked so good! The red really pops too, you can't really see it in the images but it is quite bright, works so well with the bright white dots. I just hope that Lindy Bop bring out more of the Matilda dresses because I want to own so many more! 
The Matilda dress is such good quality for how much I did pay and I ended up ordering direct from Lindy Bop because no one in Australia had the Matilda yet.

I can't believe how many hair accessories this dress goes with in my dressing table! I have so many options and it all doesn't clash too much now because of my blonde hair (and not red). I was having a fabulous hair and face day on Friday to! I had just washed my hair but it still managed to hold the whole night of the concert. 

There of course had to be one stupid photo out of the lot, I just can't help myself sometimes! I was looking at getting a new camera the other day and I really want one that has a front facing screen to. There was one that if you winked at it, 2 seconds later it would take the photo. I thought that was kind of cool but its a pity i'm no good at winking. Camera recommendations would be highly welcome!

I really suggest that all you lovely ladies looking at getting the Matilda to jump right on it! It really is the perfect dress. I just want more!
Make sure you check the size charts with each dress to get the best fit possible!

Other outfit details:
Headscarf: Second hand
Belt: Dangerfield 2012/2013
Brooch: Shake, Rattle and Roll milkshake by Erstwilder from Kat Frankies
Petticoat: Ebay

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  1. You are just about the cutest thing I've ever seen! I just love your retro style and hair and makeup!