Monday, February 16, 2015

Daisy Jean Floral design review

Just before Christmas I was contacted by the lovely lady Missi who is the brains (and beauty) behind Daisy Jean floral. She asked if I would like for her to make me up a custom piece to show all my lovely readers. Of course I jumped at the idea, a girl can never have to many fabulous hair accessories. I had a think about the colours I would enjoy and really wasn't feeling bold enough to stray from my regular red, white and blacks. It is what I have most of in my wardrobe. I am so thankful I did go with my colour choices because Missi sure did deliver something amazing! I am also secretly glad she kept out the black, It kind of limits the amount it can go with. 

The piece is just the right size for how I like to wear them. Not too big or too small. It sits perfectly in amongst my pincurls or nicely against a huge fringe. In saying its not too big, it may be a little too big for some. This is the size I like my hair pieces as I do enjoy making a bit of a statement with them. Oh and I want as much attention my hair as I can possibly get :D
Don't worry if it is too big for you, Daisy Jean floral has many pieces ranging in sizes and boldness.

I actually didn't realize how much of my wardrobe it goes with! Especially my Lindy bop Audrey checked dress above. Its like a match made in heaven.  I just loves how its sits in my hair! I have had a problem with some flowers in the past that they just don't grip well in my hair because of either the hair clip isn't great quality or its just to heavy. There is neither of those problems here. It sits nice and snug in my hair all day, even with constant walking and bouncing a baby up and down. It also doesn't hurt my scalp when putting in (had that problem too) or damage my hair.

Mine may have been a gift but Missi's prices are great! Nothing that won't stop me from buying another from her. I am actually thinking I need to get one of the brightly coloured ones to go with my ever growing collection of tropical prints.

I also just need to point out the amazing quality it all is. Its defiantly something that is going to last for quite a while, even with a lot of wear. The materials used are amazing and everything is put together just so well. 

More flowers get putting up so often and no two are ever the same.  All the more reason to grab yourself a little bit of uniqueness for your own collection!

Other outfit details:
Cherry necklace: Erstwilder Cherry marry polka dot necklace via Coconette-oz 
Brooch: Erstwilder Felicia the Frenchie available at Kat Frankies
Red top: Second hand

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  1. Such a beautiful piece! I love hair flowers, especially the good quality ones which actually LOOK like real flowers :)