Sunday, January 11, 2015

My favorite way of brushing out a foam roller set

I have had the images sitting on my iPad since before Christmas just waiting to be posted. Things have just been far to busy for me to get around to it but I currently have a spare moment while little Penelope sleeps next to me :)

I had already set my hair in foam rollers the night before, if you want to know how I did this and get a few tips and tricks just take a look at these two posts 1 2 

For this you will need:

Paddle brush
Round hair brush
Bobby pins
Tiny amount of wax or pomade

I firstly take out all the rollers other than the two in my fringe so I can keep it out of the way until its needed. I gently run my fingers through the curls, if the hair is to stiff I may lightly brush them out slightly with a soft paddle brush.

This brush right here is how I achieve great things with my curls! They are very inexpensive and so worth having. It has been a complete life saver at times to.

I section off smaller parts of my hair and carefully brush under to create the basic shape I want.

This hair style is not just about using the brush its also about gently taming the hair with your fingers. Just smooth out the hair as you tuck it under with your fingers.

You should start to have something a little like this. Keep going with the different small sections towards the back.

Once you have brushed each section under, you want to now gather it all together using your hands to mold it into shape. You may have to use the round brush to bring it together a bit better.

I decided I wanted to clip all mine back on this side. I did so by using a few bobby pins to pin it in place and then ran the tiniest amount of wax or pomade through. All while I worked it into shape still.

I added in a flower on top of the bobby pins and gave the hair a light hair spray. I never add too much hairspray as it can weigh the hair down.

Now we repeat on the other side! Everything here is very much the same, it just sits differently and doesn't get clipped back.

This curl sits a little higher up to frame the face more. I have bought all the hair together on this side and I have also used the round brush to brush under the hair at the back.

Now we do the fringe! Take out the rollers you have left and once again run your fingers through to break up the curls.

Pull the fringe straight up, give a light spray of hairspray and backcomb. Once you have done this, using the round brush brush under the ends like before.

Have a good play with it until it sits how you wish. Don't forget to add a little hairspray to where you have teased it.

My hair decided it was to heavy to sit how I wanted so I used my fingers to curl it under and pin it into place.

You are done!

Doing this hair style did take me a little while to master so it may be the same for you. Don't worry to much though, practice makes perfect!

Other outfit details:

Hair flower: Custom made from Pretty Penies
Brooch: Erstwilder

I am in no way a professional at what I do, I have taught myself many different hair style techniques over the years and this one works best for my hair. It may not work out for you.

Also note I have said "foam roller set" but I have found that this technique works with many different curling methods. 

Have any questions? Don't be at all afraid to ask!

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