Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Things I Love #18

My Things I love posts never seem to be on a Thursday any more, oh well. Expect to see them at very random times when I have a spare moment to browses the internet at beautiful things :)
This weeks was triggered by the two very gorgeous skirts that Hell Bunny released this week.

I don't know where to start with how amazing these two new Hell Bunny skirts are! I first saw them only yesterday when the wonderful Gwynnies posted them on Instagram, straight away I knew I had to have one but which colour!? Both colour ways are perfect for these design and would look amazing paired with a simple plain colour shirt and a little pair of flats. What makes these even better is that they come in all of the Hell Bunny sizes so no one misses out (S -4XL). I think I would have to start with owning the blue but then eventually get the pink as well, they are just to sweet to pass up.

I try not to post brooches each week but its just to hard. I end up falling in love with a new one so often. This one here is from a wonderful business called Deer Arrow. I own a couple of brooches from them and find them absolutely perfect. Like the two I own, this one is carved from wood and then hand painted to give it that little bit of edge. This one just makes me want to pop on my diner themed dress, an apron and randomly serve drinks from a tray to people all while supporting this retro goodness on my collar.

I saw this dress a very long time ago and never posted about how beautiful it is. I own one of the Dolores tops from Collectif and love the way its fits and how comfy it is, so I just know this dress will be very similar! The wonderful print just screams summer with the pink hibiscus flowers against the pale background and the low cut neckline. Perfect to be worn with a petticoat under or just as is, both would be just as amazing.


  1. I love those two new Hell Bunny skirts, very pretty!