Friday, December 5, 2014

Things I Love #15

It may be Friday but that doesn't mean I can't post a Things I Love post! 

1. Betty Fruit basket // 2. Betty Buttercup // 3. Laura Sail away // 4. Kathleen Sweet romance

I saw a post pop up on Facebook featuring a few of the above dresses from Retrospec'd and I was straight on the website drolling over the rest, I mean who wouldn't be. Each of these dresses are perfection. Annoyingly the above image does not do any of the amazing patterns justice so you will need to click on through and have a closer look. The Betty Fruit basket has a little vintage fruit themed pattern that is to die for, makes me just want to eat it up. The Betty Buttercup is covered in the most wonderful yellow flower design that is just perfect for an Australian summer (or any summer really), I secretly want this to be my Christmas dress. The Laura Sail away features an amazing bodice, matching belt and very well designed ships that contrast so well with the dark back drop. Lastly, the very bright and beautiful Kathleen sweet romance. The colours on this dress are amazing and work so well with the very unique neck line that just looks super comfortable.
You have to check out all 12 pages of wonderful dresses on Retrospec'd, you'll fall in love like I have.

How cute is this little Strawberry shaped bag!? I am currently loving novelty shaped bags and feel I need more in my life. I just want to take this one everywhere with this summer.

I can not believe it has taken me so long to feature B.A.I.T footwear, I have been a huge fan for a long time and have fallen head over heels in love with so many of their shoes. I thought I would just feature two of my longest favorites to start with (yes, expect to see more posted over time), the classic looking saddle shoe in the two best and quirky colours I could think of. Mint has to be one of my favorite colours and I could think of so many things these would look cute with. From something plain and simple to the brightest and heavily patterned dress in my wardrobe, which ever way these are worn they are sure to grab attention. I think yellow is going to be my go to colour this summer, its so bright and happy and I have started to build a little collection in my wardrobe that the Emmie yellow would match perfectly with, including the Betty buttercup dress I featured first that I want for Christmas :D


  1. Oh my! That strawberry bag is the cutest!! :D Glad to see your back! I'm glad to be back blogging again too! No internet can be a pain sometimes right? xx

  2. I love those dresses from Retrospec'd, I want one!! :)