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Sculpture Pin curl tool Review - Part 1

A few weeks ago I got an email from the amazing Australian company, Inspired insanity. They asked if I wanted to try out the Sculpture Pin curl tool (pictured above) and write a little review for all my lovely readers. Happily I said yes as it was actually something I was meaning to grab ever since I first saw them post about it on Facebook.

This amazing Pin curl tool is a reproduction of an actual styling tool used in the 40s and 50s to help women create such fabulous and perfect pin curls quickly and very easily. If you didn't know, Pin curls were used as a base to create the most popular hairstyles during the 1930's all the way through to the 1960's. 

I have been doing my own curls for a little while now and I'm always on the look out for the next amazing items or product to help make the curls just that little bit bigger (or smaller), so naturally I jumped at the idea of this amazing tool. I am no stranger to doing actual pin curls but it never has been my favorite way to create them due to how frizzy my hair goes at the ends but I thought I'd give it a try.

This wonderful little set includes a 50 page instruction booklet, an amazingly illustrated poster with over 80 vintage style sketches which is great for inspiration and of course it includes the little Pin curling tool. All of this comes in a rather cute looking box to! The instructional booklet was written by Lauren Rennells, author of the Vintage hair styling and Retro Make up books. Both are amazing books and right now you can grab the set on Inspired Insanity here and save $10!

You may notice that I have popped Part 1 in the title, that's because it will probably take me a few practices to master this tool but I want to show you each attempt. For you it may be a little easier, I do have a lot of hair and especially this attempt my hair went extra frizzy as it needs a good trim (and wash).

Before I ended up trying out the tool I had to have a good read of the instruction booklet to get the right idea. The booklet was very clear and helpful on the basics of using the tool in both writing and images. I think I would be very lost without the step by step images throughout the 50 page booklet. It also teaches you about wet sets, dry sets, a bunch of different style curls and a great look at several curl setting patterns. For the first time in my hair curling history I decided to follow a curl setting pattern. One of the main reason I hadn't tried a setting pattern before was because it was difficult to find a clear how to with words and images. I found that the booklet made everything so clear and super easy to follow along.

The tool its self looked a bit worrying at first if I'm honest but once I got to sit down and do my hair it all made sense. I stuck with my usual products and tools to set my hair: A spray bottle with water, Sculpture hair gel spray, comb, brush, hair band, hair clip and many bobby pins. I did the set you see on the front of the box and booklet, it looked to be simple and I didn't think I was ready to try anything that needed to much styling or work.

Basically each side of the tool has a circle of teeth in two different sizes to create bigger or smaller curls. I sectioned my hair off like in the booklet and got to work on each section. I decided to use the smaller of the two sizes (I later learned this might not have been for me and needed to use the bigger) and slowly worked my way through the steps. It did take me quite a few tries to work it out at first but once I knew how it was kind of easy. To put it into simple terms, you slide the end of the hair in the teeth and roll it towards your scalp either clockwise or anti clockwise. Sliding it off at the end and pinning in place. They sit there really tight and are very comfortable to sleep in. I stuck with my regular routine before I did each curl by spraying it with the smallest possible amount of water and then the Sculpture hair gel spray to make sure they held well. I did end up sitting around for just over an hour setting my whole head but I know that will get quicker the more I use it, I just need more practice.

I am ever so sorry about the photo quality here. It was around 10:30pm and the lighting was terrible.

The tool really helped to keep all the curls really tight and neat. I did have a little difficulty doing the back but I do with all my curl sets, my arms are just not made to reach that far D:

Both of the above images where taken as soon as I unpinned each side the next morning. I was very impressed with how tight they turned out and how well they set. Each curl was the same size and actually ended up taking a lot of length of my hair, which I thought was great. I love the shorter pin curl hair styles.

I ended up playing with my hair too much after I took them out and ended up being late to where I was heading. This was the only good image I managed to snap in the car before I left. As you can see the curls really do look fabulous! I loved how they all stayed the same shape and because of the setting pattern I used they created an amazing wave affect in my fringe.

These are just some super bad images to show you how the other side came out at first. As you can see they went super frizzy after I brushed them. This has nothing to do with the tool its just the fact that my hair has not been cut in around 3-4 months and I have a lot of dead ends. This problem has happened many times in the past when I don't get it cut. It sadly doesn't go away no matter how much and what product I put on it. I also think next time I should try out the bigger of the two sizes on the curling tool so the curls are not too tight and may cause less frizz. 

Later in the day I gave my hair another brush and a little more product and the above 6 images are the end result. I couldn't be happier with how my hair managed to stay in curls all day without dropping until I gave them a good brush before tying it back for the evening.

Of course results will be different for everyone but I think its worth getting if you are trying to master a pin curl set and need that little bit of extra help. It keeps everything in place and is not at all to confusing to use. Plus the 50 page booklet is just an amazing read and gives you some great information to do with the tool or pin curling in general.

I can not wait to use this tool again and show you my progress in part 2 of this post,  hopefully that will be within the next two weeks after I get a well needed hair cut. I feel like I can achieve and do so much more with this tool. I will defiantly try out a different setting pattern and maybe even style it next time.

I really hope this has helped you in any way shape or form! I would love to hear if you already own one and if you have any tips for me. I'd also love to hear if you get one and end up having a great experience just like I did.

Thank you very much to Inspired Insanity for gifting me this product to review for all you lucky people!

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  1. I've been really interested in doing pin curls and tools thay won't bother me when I'm sleeping or make my hair a total friz ball! I remember one pin curl attempt and my hair was literally a friz ball, haha! Definitely going to check that company out!

    -Marie x