Monday, December 8, 2014

Hell Bunny Black Dahlia Dress Review

My life has been so upside down lately that I completely forgot to write up this review before I lost internet for 3 weeks. I had it all written down in my notebook but even that has vanished.

I received a wonderful gift to review for you all from the wonderful lady behind Closet Confessions Boutique, an online Australian store that sells plus size clothing. I have written about this amazing store before and how much I love how there is someone out there who feels the same way about plus size clothing and customer service (You can read that post here). There isn't too much on the store as of yet as it is still really new but when I saw she was stocking the Black Dahlia dress I just knew I had to try it out!

Who doesn't love an amazing floral pattern!? The Black Dahlia dress features a very stunning floral print in a range of pinks and greens which all stands out wonderfully on the black base colour. I fell in love with the pattern pretty quickly, its very unique and different to other florals out there and has a lot of detail when you get up close.

I would just like to point out that the images of me wearing this dress are around a month or so old. I don't feel too comfortable in any of my clothes at 35 weeks pregnant right now.

I had ordered a similar style Hell Bunny dress months ago in my usual 1XL  but when it arrived I was shocked and a little annoyed that it just would not fit around my chest and back (I think this is due to being pregnant). I was a little hasty in getting the Black Dahlia dress for the very same reason but figured the 2XL would fit. I was so right! As soon as it arrives on my door step I slipped right into it and was beyond happy at how perfect the fit was. There is a little stretch in the lovely cotton fabric that really helped to create the perfect nipped in waist even before I popped on the black belt. The dress does come with its own matching fabric belt but I do love to contrast and break up patterns with plain belts in my outfits.

This dress was a little longer than most in my wardrobe, coming down past my knees and I'm 5'8' but thankfully the longer Hell Bunny petticoats are a perfect match. The dress already has a huge full circle skirt that is just great for twirling around in but if you do want that extra fullness then a petticoat is the way to go. You can grab the perfect matching petticoat from Closet confession here. I felt that the longer skirt helped create a more elegant feeling, perfect for heading out to a lovely dinner. Its also a great dress to just wear out day to day with a cute pair of flats due to how lightweight the fabric is. Its very breathable and I didn't find myself over heating at all like I do in heavier fabrics.

I am so in love with the cross over collar featured on this dress. Its made of the same fabric throughout the dress but sits so perfectly all the way around. Its quite a deep V shape but if you have boobs its great way to show them off! There is so much room created in the top of the dress and would be perfect for bigger busted girls due to the very generous amount of room and the slight stretch in the fabric. The collar is also the perfect size to show off a cute little brooch as well. You can see my wonderful little Erstwilder cat on mine.
The dress features a hidden zip down the back and matching fabric buttons under the bust that also undo. I think there is nothing worst than fake buttons on an item.

The 3/4 length sleeves are a perfect addition to this dress. They sit nicely around the elbows and if you have larger arms like myself you wont be without room. They are so comfortable and made me feel just a little bit fancy. They also stopped me from wearing a cardigan as I already felt warm enough.

I decided to dress up while wearing this dress as I was going out to a family dinner. I loved how my pearls matched so nicely and was not lost due to the open design. This dress could be styled in so many ways and I can not wait to get it out again and dress it up completely different. I might go for a more day look next time but still complete with petticoat, I just love huge dresses!

I really love Closet Confessions Boutique not only because they stock sizes 14+ but because the lady behind it is just amazing. My item came nicely wrapped with a little ribbon and a cute little note. She does this for all items purchases from the store. Its that extra step in customer service that makes me smile and makes me keep coming back.

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  1. That dress is beautiful! I've been dreaming about buying myself a hell bunny dress for ages now!

    -Marie x