Monday, November 3, 2014

Modcloth Monday #12

Need I Say Roar?

I don't think I have seen a more perfect matching set of underwear in a long time, I sure do love some leopard print! Its of course from the ever so wonderful brand Rago so you just know that its made with amazing quality materials, gives you the best curves and of course is amazingly comfortable to wear all day. Even if I can't wear much of this in my current state, I at least want the sexy undies. High waisted under wear has to be the most comfortable thing I have ever worn.

On the Button Sewing Box

I have been doing a lot of embroidery lately and so I have a lot of stray cotton, needles and other bits and bobs floating around several rooms, this adorable button shaped sewing box would be so perfect right now! You open it up by popping your fingers inside the button holes to reveal 5 nicely spaces compartments to keep everything in order.

I'm moving out of my boyfriend's parents house and into our own (rental) tiny apartment this weekend, its all very exciting but stressful. I have been going around collecting strange and cute household items for a while now but I can not help but want to add these 4 to my collection! The first 3 I want mainly for thier cuteness and the last one because my boyfriend loves Lego and cooking so in a way its kind of perfect for him.

There wasn't much in the terms of clothes I liked this week on Modcloth, they seem to be going all into the winter side of things now. Its far to hot to wear a coat in Australia right now! I may share a few of my favorites soon though

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