Thursday, November 6, 2014

Things I Love #14

It seems like a very long time ago I saw an image of this purse floating around Facebook with a lot of comments asking where it was from. Well guess what, I found it! Pin up girl clothing currently have this and many other fabulous spooky purses in stock right now, it doesn't at all matter that it is after Halloween. This purse would defiantly finish off any outfit with style. I love the added character that the leopard print lining brings and the use of an inside pocket.

Artwork by Fieldey painted at Red Stripe Clothing Perth.

I was just scrolling through my news feed when Red stripe clothing popped up. It made me realize that I have not visited my favorite Perth shop in a very long time considering that this fabulous artwork was done in May and I haven't even had a good look at it ( I am pretty sure I have popped in since then for like 2 minutes). If you live in the Perth area (or do a lot of online shopping) than I suggest checking out Red stripe. Not only is it full of amazing products and artwork but the staff are out of this world! 
Fieldey did such an amazing job on this artwork too, all of her work is beautiful and I hope one day I get my hands on a little bit of my own.

So I was just scrolling through Etsy and this necklace popped up. Firstly I admired the beautiful work in both the wooden flamingos and then I noticed what it said in the middle, I giggled. This necklace is absolutely amazing! It also comes in a more PG version, "Swallows are so Cliche". The designer Baku Forest Studios also has a good range of other animals with similar writing to if flamingos are not your thing. 

The things I would do for that pram! 

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