Monday, October 13, 2014

The Vintage Collective Markets

So a couple of months ago I was at work and an older lady approached me and told me all about the Vintage Collective Markets and handed me a little business card. I of course didn't get a chance to look then but as soon as I got home I looked it up and became highly interested in the whole thing. I ended up liking the Facebook page to keep up to date with everything that was happening. Naturally I forgot all about it until the day before when I noticed the flyer pop up on Facebook again. I quickly got my boyfriends attention and asked it we could go. It didn't take much explaining as he was won over by the fact that it was at a winery and there would be free wine tasting. 
I put on one of my favorite outfits, did some pretty amazing hair and took the hour long drive to the wonderful Swan valley wine region in Perth. If I am honest I didn't know what to expect, I knew there would be market stalls, a pin up competition and a small collection of cars but I didn't think it would be to busy. Oh was I wrong, it was packed. Cars where lining all the streets but thankfully we somehow got a spot right near the entrance and didn't have to walk far at all. I was very surprised by the size of it but very excited! 
I did mange to get some snaps of my favorite things to share with you all!
(This is a very picture heavy post)

 photo 5cd23871-ce2f-4ae3-9588-854010f035f8.jpg

 photo 2762ec04-a960-48b8-affb-dde93a9e309d.jpg

Of course I had to get my picture taken with the two cars that matched my outfit! (My boyfriend doesn't take the best of pictures, sorry)

 photo imagejpg5-28.jpg  photo imagejpg7-22.jpg  photo imagejpg8-20.jpg  photo imagejpg19-14.jpg
 photo imagejpg15-16.jpg
 photo imagejpg29-11.jpg  photo imagejpg25-11.jpg  photo imagejpg18-13.jpg  photo imagejpg9-21.jpg

I do wish I had gotten more and better pictures of the amazing cars but silly me was too much in love with them to think straight, oh and there was always a heap of people surrounding them.

There was also a small selection of vintage caravans to! Oh I can not wait to own my very own one day. They was all so cute inside and out and the flamingos where a nice touch!

 photo dd379d00-0dad-497c-bef0-bd7843754346.jpg  photo imagejpg34-9.jpg  photo imagejpg33-9.jpg  photo imagejpg31-10.jpg

There was endless things on each and every stall that I could have brought home with me  but of course money and space is a limit right now. The red canisters below are something I just really want and they are the first full set in near perfect condition I have ever seen. One day I will grab myself a set and put them in my kitchen with pride! The other items are just little things I thought where too cute not share.
The market section of the day wasn't just about secondhand and antiques, there was an amazing range of home made, brand new and just quirky little things to fall in love with. 

 photo imagejpg37-7.jpg
 photo imagejpg36-8.jpg
 photo imagejpg16-16.jpg  photo imagejpg17-14.jpg

I did treat myself to one thing and that was a Lux De Ville bag in amazing condition for $25! Thank you so so much to the lovely lady who was selling it. I have wanted one for ages but would always stop when I looked at the price. You may see the bag pop up around in my OOTD's from now on but if you wish to have a look it is this bag, still available on the website.
I also had a dress to pick up from the lovely lady behind Happy Hour Pinup. They currently have a new clothing range out and I just simply can not wait to share which one I chose with you all. It is perfection!

The whole atmosphere was amazing, I loved being surrounded by the wonderful scenery of the winery, even if the weather wasn't perfect it sure was a wonderful view. There was so much more going on besides the cars, caravans and stalls but my mind was very occupied the whole time. Each and every lady in the Pretty as a pin up parade was beautiful, well done to you all! Just wish I had gotten there in time to watch. First place went to Dimond Doll, 2nd to Lacey De Winter and 3rd To Derrierre.

I nearly forgot to post about my amazing hair day! I popped a foam roller set in the night before, even while doing it I thought the results where going to be kind of shitty. When I took the curls out they wasn't as full as normal but with a little brushing and teasing I ended up with one perfect hair day that landed me lots of compliments.

 photo imagejpg3-35.jpg  photo imagejpg4-32.jpg  photo imagejpg2-42.jpg  photo imagejpg1-62.jpg

My outfit details:
Dress: Hell Bunny Larissa Dress via Off Ya Tree
Cardigan: Coles Mix clothing range
Petticoat: Hell Bunny short black via Beserk
Shoes: Shoe show
Necklace and Brooch: Erstwilder also available at Vintage Pip
Hair flower: Pretty Penies
Belt: Second hand

All in all it was a very good day and it was so nice to see many familiar faces and some new ones! Just can't wait for the next one now :)

The lovely Diamond Doll is also in another Pin up competition this year and needs your help! Simply open up this link and click the like on the image to vote for her! 

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