Friday, October 3, 2014

Spooky Halloween style board

It may be October 3rd but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be getting your outfits ready. Halloween is the best time of year! I have put together my first of hopefully a few Halloween inspired looks this month sticking with the simple orange and black theme first.
Oh and I found some amazing Halloween fonts from that I have to use more than once.

1. Bat in time tights via Modcloth
2. Wherefore Art thou, Ro-meow? Tights via Modcloth
3. Orange rose via Etsy
4. Black rose via Etsy
5. Cara the Halloween Kitty Brooch by Erstwilder via Vintage Pip
6. Lindy Bop Audrey Dusky orange dress via Lindy Bop
7. Cutout Bat necklace via Sourpuss
8. Cat's Meow necklace via Sourpuss
9. Faux Leather belt via Pin up girl Clothing
10. Bill the Bashful Bat brooch by Erstwilder via Vintage Pip
11. All Bat and More heel heels via Modcloth
12. Black Petticoat (Not pictured) via Beserk. Long or Short
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You may have noticed that there is more of a few items (Necklaces, Brooches and tights) reason being is because its a black cat vs Spooky bat type of outfit. I can't decided which way I would love to wear this more so I figured I would show you both options. Not everyone can be a cat person you see. I wanted to create a classy look but still with that edge of Halloween, something you could wear out to a dinner date or taking the children trick or treating.

I was on the Lindy Bop website a few weeks back (no surprise there) and I just fell in love with the colour of this Audrey dress (6) but wasn't 100% sure if I would wear it, Upon putting this fabulous outfit together I realized I would wear this dress a lot and not just for a wonderful Halloween outfit. I defiantly need more Audrey dresses in my life and I really do hope I can grab this one before the end of the month to try my best to get this outfit together and do some trick or treating (I don't care that I will be 22 next week, I still have never celebrated Halloween properly). 
See my review of the Lindy Bop Audrey dress here.
Once again the black belt (9) is there because I am not a fan of matching belts, I love a bit of contrast around the waist.

How adorable would the tops of the Bat in time (1)  and Wherefore art thou, Ro-meow? (2) tights look peeping out the bottom of the dress? It would completely pull this outfit together while keeping your legs toasty warm (I know its coming up to winter on the other side of the world). Them little black cat faces are the cutest things I have ever seen and I need them on my legs.

Hair accessories are a must! I think I would totally style my hair into some crazy Pin curls to make this whole look complete. I don't think Halloween is about anything being to neat and why start with the hair! I would pop both the black (4) and orange (3) roses in the side for that little bit of extra cuteness. 

This dress is the perfect canvas for an amazing brooch and its a good thing Erstwilder has brought out two amazing styles this year! Cara the Halloween kitty (5) has already made a few appearances on my blog because lets face it, she is purrfect but this time she has a friend, Bill the bashful bat (10)! Both make such an amazing Halloween pair. I think my Cat vs Bat theme would start from here, but then yet again I don't think I would like to split them up. I may have to wear both at the same time to get that Halloween message over just that little bit more.
Here's a better look at the pair as I had to make them super small to fit in the image.

The necklaces are also still sticking with the cat vs bat theme but you could wear which ever one you wanted and mix and match the theme. I am loving the silhouette of the little black cat (8), its very simple yet you instantly know what it is. The same goes for the bat (7). Something so simple can really bring an outfit together and the Audrey dresses do have the neckline for a great necklace.

Lastly are the fabulous bat wing heels (11) from Modcloth. I saw these this week while getting together my weekly Modcloth Monday and knew I had to save them for a special post. The image above does not do them justice so you will defiantly have to get over to the listing and check them out for yourself. You can't really see it but they are a suede, pointed toe shoe with the closure being in the shape of a spooky bat wing. They are just the perfect thing to pop your feet into this Halloween.

I realized that this post is rather long but oh well, I think this outfit is absolutely fabulous and I really enjoyed having a theme to follow for this style board. I do hope I get to create this, or something similar by the end of the month.

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  1. I'm in love with that cat brooch! I love anything with cats on it naturally.