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Beehive with hair scarf tutorial

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It feels like ages ago since I did my last hair tutorial with my last being just a tips and trick guide to foam rollers but really it was only maybe 2 weeks ago. I always get asked about how I do certain hair styles and thats why I am trying to bring you these tutorials as often as I can.
This week we are looking at how I somehow manage to take image one to image two. Basically I create a mess and make it into a beehive. This beehive tutorial is mainly for wearing hair scarves due to how messy the back ends up looking. Don't worry though, in a few weeks I will be bringing you the version I do when I don't want to wear hair scarves, that one is a little bit more complex.
Beehives are a hairstyle I always do maybe a day or two before my hair needs to be washed. If I do this on anything but really dirty hair it just ends up collapsing within an hour and looking kind of shit (I wash my hair maybe once every 10 days).  I have also mentioned this before but I do have a lot of hair but don't worry, this will work on thinner hair to, just requires a lot more teasing.
I will not be covering how I do my fringe in this tutorial, feel free to check out these links below and choose a style that works best for you.

Barrel roll tutorial
Bumper bangs tutorial
Side rolled bangs tutorial (How my fringe is styled today)

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You will need:
Bobby pins
Round brush (Don't worry if you don't have one)
Bobby Pins
Hair scarf or bandanna of your choice
Hair Band or clip (not pictured)

 photo imagejpg2-38.jpg  photo imagejpg12-11.jpg

Firstly I section off my fringe and prepared it for later on. You can always just clip this out the way if you wish.

 photo imagejpg5-24.jpg  photo imagejpg6-19.jpg

Next I super roughly part my hair from just above my ears right around to the back. (I really need to give that flamingo in the corner a home other than the box!)

 photo imagejpg8-16.jpg

Tie or clip the top part out of the way to allow you to be able to work on the bottom section.

 photo imagejpg9-17.jpg  photo imagejpg10-15.jpg

Pull the bottom section up and place a couple of bobby pins to keep it in place. This is all that has to be done here. Note how I haven't clipped down the hanging over bit, this helps in creating a little more lift.

 photo imagejpg14-11.jpg

Now comes the mass load of teasing. Take a small section on the top, hairspray the root and do a lot of back combing to get it standing.

 photo imagejpg16-12.jpg  photo imagejpg17-10.jpg

You should end up with something similar to the first image but even then I have found that its not teased enough. In the second image I am parting this already teased hair to tease the front section also.

 photo imagejpg18-10.jpg

Keep sectioning off small parts until everything is pretty much standing upright. 

 photo imagejpg21-10.jpg  photo imagejpg19-10.jpg

You should now be looking as crazy as I am. Don't worry though, this is all apart of the magic of the beehive.

 photo imagejpg23-9.jpg

Now simply start smoothing out just the top with a round brush, a regular brush does the job just fine also. Try not to pull or push down too hard as you will lose a lot of what you just teased. If you find that a section has sunk more than others, simply pull it back up and re-tease. 

 photo imagejpg25-8.jpg  photo imagejpg26-8.jpg

Now grab the hair from the front and pull it around to the back. Don't worry if its not neat yet. We are still working some magic.

 photo imagejpg24-9.jpg  photo imagejpg28-8.jpg

Still with a hand on the back mold and shape the hair to how you wish. You may still need to smooth out a few lumps and bumps.
Because this hair style is for wearing a hair scarf or bandanna, the sides and back are not that important. Just make sure the top is looking neat and tidy.

 photo imagejpg29-8.jpg

If one section feels out of place, simply pull it out (keep hold of back) and sort it. This may mean more brushing or simply moving it slightly.

 photo imagejpg31-7.jpg  photo imagejpg27-7.jpg

Now we pin! You may need two bobby pins or you may need 10. It really does not matter. As you can see its not neat and tidy and you can clearly see the pins. This all gets hidden later on. Run your hands over the beehive to create a bit more smoothness and evenness.

 photo imagejpg37-4.jpg

The basics of the beehive is done! Just add a light spray of hairspray.

 photo imagejpg39-3.jpg

Go on to style your fringe as desired.
Check the links I posted at the top for 3 different tutorials on fringes (including how I styled it today) that would all work well with this look.

 photo imagejpg44-2.jpg  photo imagejpg45-2.jpg

Grab your favorite bandanna or hair scarf to finish off this look. Make sure to tuck in any lose hairs around the sides.

 photo imagejpg47-1.jpg

Another light spray of hairspray as you tuck in the edges around the top also.
We are done!

 photo imagejpg53-1.jpg  photo imagejpg51-1.jpg

(I have included a couple of shots from the back but using a self timer app can be difficult sometimes) Notice how all the messy and unevenness has gone!

 photo imagejpg55.jpg  photo imagejpg57.jpg

You can use a number of different hair scarves and accessories to complete this.

 photo imagejpg56.jpg

A bobby pin or two on each side (and even the lower back) can really help keep everything from slipping and sliding around.

 photo imagejpg70.jpg  photo imagejpg63.jpg  photo imagejpg61.jpg  photo imagejpg5-2.jpg  photo imagejpg59.jpg  photo imagejpg62.jpg

I really do hope this helps you out! If you can't wait until I create my next beehive tutorial used for not wearing a hair scarf. Just made the back extra neat and hide with hair flowers :)

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  1. You beehive looks awesome :) what do you do to your hair to only wash it every 10 says? I can't seem to keep life in my hair after day 5 to style it :( I'm so jealous.