Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pretty Penies hair flower Review

So this morning I got two packages in the mail, one of them was my birthday dress and the other was a prize I won from a wonderful company called Pretty Penies a few weeks ago. The contest was to share the image on Facebook each day and I was chosen at random. I got to choose either 2 pre-made hair flowers or have them custom made for me. I have never had anything custom made so of course I wanted to try that out.

The first one is a little pink and white piece. I sent the lovely lady an image of a Voodoo Vixen dress I recently received and asked if she had anything in similar colours. She did so well and it matches so perfectly! The hair flower is around 15cms long which is perfect for my simple hair styles that require a huge clip.

(Sorry for the not so good images, the sun didn't know if it wanted to be in or out)

 photo 277ef532-ad3f-4067-bfba-beddefdb7ac2.jpg photo 7ed2ece4-3d45-447f-ad53-b214630d73fd.jpg
 photo imagejpg36-4.jpg  photo imagejpg29-7.jpg

The other piece I asked the lovely lady to create for me had to be red! I may have multiple store bought red roses but nothing nearly as perfect or well made as this one. I wanted something I could wear nearly every day to work and to do simple tasks in while still feeling fabulous. This one is smaller than the last one at around 10cm long but is still just as cute. Its a double deep red rose which matches my hair colour :D 

 photo 3d40600d-043b-4e12-a51a-6d1ab0b58dee.jpg photo b7292ba4-0936-4e7d-aab7-aa99706c340b.jpg
 photo imagejpg22-8.jpg  photo imagejpg13-10.jpg

These are both made with fabulous quality hair flowers that I just can not wait to wear nearly every day. Both have a felt backing with a large secure clip to make sure they are not going to be moving around in your hair.

Pretty Penies is an Australia based business that sells handmade floral hair accessories. Each items is one off making them more unique to you. You can grab something from her Etsy or look into get something custom ordered. I also love how inexpensive these hair flowers are. All around the $20 mark and I have noticed sales on Facebook from time to time.

Check out the Pretty Penies Facebook and Etsy

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