Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Lets talk Petticoats (Hell Bunny review + more)

So you may have noticed I tend to wear petticoats on a daily basis, even under my work uniform for a super market. I have had a few of you ask now which ones I wear and what is best for what, so I figured I would give you a little run down of the petticoats I own, know of and ones to avoid :)

I own 4 petticoats currently (Well 3, one is on its way to me). 3 Hell Bunny and one cheap Ebay one. I do tend to wear my cheap Ebay one on nearly a daily bases but of course its not the best quality at all. It may have lasted me nearly a year but at some points it really does make me itch. I did enjoy this one as it wasn't as full as my others so it made wearing it daily not look too out of place, but there was only so much I could take. There are so many petticoats on Ebay, ranging from cheap to expensive, my tip would of course if you have the money stay clear of the cheaper ones. I bought it for a wedding and never dreamed I would be wearing it so often. Its 26 inches long which is perfect to fit under many of my outfits without sticking out the bottom or being too full.
Would I buy one again? No, not from the same company at least. If I needed just that one odd colour that I was to never wear again them I would consider it. I would like to find a brand that made them similar in fullness but a lot better in quality. 

Hell Bunny

I love both of the Hell Bunny petticoats I own for different reasons. Lets start with the first one I ever got when I was 16ish but have hardly worn due to the colour matching not a whole lot in my wardrobe.

I am still to this day not a very big pink person but I do have more in my wardrobe than I use to. This Petticoat is the Hell Bunny short which makes it around 20 inches long and I know you are probably thinking that's way to short to go under anything then just hold up! 

The other Hell Bunny petticoat I bought around 3 months ago due to attending yet another wedding and it had to go with my dress. This one is from the longer range and I have just read that there is 2 different lengths due to the sizing. XS - M is 25 inches long and the one I own, L - XXL is 27 inches long. Which annoyingly makes it too long for a lot of items in my wardrobe. 

I decided to pop on one of my Hell Bunny dresses and show you the problem I have with the longer one.

1. short // 2. Long

As you can see there is a bit of a problem. I have pulled up the longer petticoat as far as I comfortably can without rolling it over, oh and I have tried rolling it over in the past but it just does not feel right and it becomes bunchy around the waist. Also not only does the longer petticoat feel heavy but it is a little too full for simple day to day dresses (Longer version has 2 layers, short has 1). It all may have something to do with my height but I am really not too much of a fan of the longer style, the shorter on the other hand is perfect. I may have to position it a little lower than the Ebay petticoat and there is a slight gap at the bottom but its nothing to major. It fits perfectly, makes the dress stand amazingly and is not to heavy.
But don't be completely turned off the longer version, it has its advantages. It does fit perfectly under my Pin up Girl clothing dresses (which is what I wore for the wedding) as they are slightly longer than the Hell Bunny dresses, so I will not be getting rid of it any time soon. For some of you this look may be fine, but I am not a fan of being able to see the petticoat peaking out the bottom. Its a little like underwear in a way, plus its giving away the secrets of how you create such a full look. 

I have found that the prices on Hell Bunny petticoats range from site to site. I have found the shorter ones for $39 + and the longer for $49 +. For the quality you are getting they are an amazing price and I do recommend grabbing yourself one. When I wear these I don't get itchy, over heated or feel to huge. They are just right for every day wear and going out. Just make sure you measure the dress(es) you want to wear it with and how you want it to sit first to get that perfect fit.

You may be wondering what my 3rd Hell Bunny petticoat is and that would be a new black one as my Ebay cheap one broke a few weeks ago. I got the shorter version and I can not wait to wear it pretty much daily with comfort.

 Other options

There is so many other places that sell petticoats, from big companies to little home businesses. I of course have not tried them all.

 A lot of you have heard of the brand Lindy Bop now, they have become quite a big brand over the past year. I have noticed that they have their own range of petticoats. From looking at the images, these are not as full as the Hell Bunny but they do look comfortable. So if you are looking for a less full skirt then I suggest having a look. (26 inches long)
They currently have Black and white in stock on the website

Pinup girl clothing also stock a few petticoats but I have not heard a whole lot on these, plus they seem to sell out a lot.
They do stock something a little different to anything I have seen before though.

It comes in black or white and is made from a stiff canvas. I have heard mix reviews on this but it seems that it is best used for the day time and it creates not too much shape around the stomach. I don't think I personally would give this a shot as it looks like it would be a little too flat for me but if you are looking for something not so full and long then I suggest having a look.

If you have a little bit more money to spend on a petticoat then I do suggest checking out Spunkerella, a little Australian brand. Each of the skirts is made by hand and come in a range of colours and sizes. These sell for $120 each so compared to the $39 Hell Bunny petticoat, a bit out of my price range for something that is never going to be seen. I have had the opportunity to wear one of these for an afternoon and I must say they feel beautiful. So soft and very very full. If you have the money to spare and want a full comfortable looking skirt then I suggest having a look at the options. Oh and she does Facebook sales from time to time.
(19 inches - 24 inches)

There are so many petticoats out there and many websites will have a section, its all about shopping around for whats best for you really. Even just browsing Ebay comes up with many types, from the cheap to the expensive and even the vintage. 

For now I am happy with wearing my Hell Bunny Petticoats. They are a great price, fit, comfortable and come in a great range of colours. I am 172cms tall so how something looks on me may be different on you. If you can I would suggest trying on the petticoats first.

Hell Bunny Petticoat stockists:
and many many more, Just Google "Hell Bunny Petticoats" for stores near you.


  1. Thank you, this was very helpful. I only 156cm tall and had not really an idea on which petticoat to purchaes5 for my bernie dexter dress im wearing to a wedding at the end of January. I've been searching and asking so msny people. Another said the short hellbunny. Now reading this. It has just confirmed it for me! 😄😄😄

  2. Ha ha smily faces turned into question marks. ;)