Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Instagram Monthly round up - September

Its the last day of September already, Oh how the year is just flying by. I thought I would share a handful of my favorite snaps that I posted on Instagram this month or should I say mainly selfies. These are in no order what so ever as photobucket decided not to put them in order as I uploaded them.

 photo imagejpg11-13.jpg  photo imagejpg7-16.jpg  photo imagejpg5-22.jpg  photo imagejpg10-13.jpg  photo imagejpg8-14.jpg  photo imagejpg3-29.jpg  photo imagejpg4-26.jpg  photo imagejpg6-17.jpg  photo imagejpg2-35.jpg  photo image-21.jpg  photo image-22.jpg  photo image-23.jpg  photo image-24.jpg  photo image-25.jpg
You can find out about each outfit in the OOTD page and hairstyle tips in the Tutorials!

I really need to invest in a decent camera and tripod to get even better images for you all. For now my iPad and a self timer app will have to do. 

I promise in October to post more outfit posts, not just because its Frocktober but because I know how much you love them all! Next months Instagram round-up will be a lot better, I promise!

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