Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Handmade Pinup swing skirt OOTD

So yesterday was my 22nd birthday and so of course I picked out a couple of fabulous outfits to wear! I will share the outfits individually due to the fact that the skirt featured in this one was made by myself earlier this week and I couldn't be any more in love with it!

I use to make swing skirts for myself many months ago but due to moving and really having no sewing skills I gave up and completely forgot about them. I even think I got rid of most of them in the move. Back then I made them with elastic waists and poorly done stitching so they would fall apart so quickly. Since then I have tried to sew but I really need to take classes, I just can not get my head around some basics.
Well, for my birthday the amazing shop spotlight sent me a $10 voucher, naturally I could not just let that go to waste and had the idea of doing some embroidery in my head, never done it but thought I would give it a shot. I wondered around the shop with a basket of stuff already to go when I ended up in the clearance fabric section. I found the most beautiful material for only $6 a meter and had a think. Long story short, I put every thing back and bought the remaining 4 meters. I did decide this time that I was going to make them differently. No elastic and I was going to follow all the steps in the pattern. I am so thankful I did! It has a hidden zip down the back, interfacing in the waist band (first time I did a waist band too) and everything is hemmed and sewn together correctly. Of course I made the odd mistake here and there. I put my first zip in, what else could you expect! You can't tell my mistakes from a far, only I really can pull them out but that is fine.  
I shall stop going on now and show you! I wore this outfit out for a wonder around the shops and some birthday lunch :)

(Please excuse my poorly done hair, it just did not want to curl)

 photo imagejpg5-25.jpg  photo imagejpg7-19.jpg  photo imagejpg2-39.jpg  photo imagejpg9-18.jpg  photo imagejpg19-11.jpg  photo imagejpg20-12.jpg  photo imagejpg13-12.jpg  photo imagejpg37-5.jpg

Cardigan: Dangerfield clearance store
Skirt: Made by me
Brooch: Second hand shop
Necklace: Silver pineapple present from Boyfriend
Bamboo bracelets: Second hand
Hair flowers: Gloss

I do wish the sun would stay where it is when I try to take my pictures. Oh and my boyfriend wouldn't run past the door butt naked and dancing from time to time. 

I shall post up the outfit I wore out to dinner in the next day or so :)


  1. This is a beautiful outfit I soo wish I could make my own skirts it would make life a lot easier but I just don't understand how the patterns work... but you look beautiful and I hope you had a great birthday xxxx

  2. The skirt looks awesome. There's nothing quite like making something with your own two hands, especially when done the "right" way.