Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Cat eyeliner tutorial

I thought it was about time I shared my wisdom on how I manage to get my cat eyeliner perfect everyday. I must say this technique did take me a little while to master more than others due to the fact that I have very poor eye sight (I wear glasses all the time I am awake), but I did manage in the end. I'm pretty sure if I can do it, then so can you.

There is plenty of places you can look to get advice on how to do this, you can simply type "cat eyeliner how to" in Google and you become greeted with 100s of different techniques. I could have just showed you a heap of them but I wanted to show you how I do it. Everyone is different and finding the right technique can be difficult.   

These images where super hard to take so I am sorry they are not perfect, I had to do them in my iPad camera so I could get good lighting. I will also do my best to explain each step but hopefully the images help more than words!

The eye liner I will be using is a discontinued item from Maybelline but I am pretty sure the newest one is just the same but with different packaging.  Its called Eye studio Lasting drama Gel eyeliner in Black, you can find the new one here.

Make sure with this certain product to keep the brush full, I pretty much dip it in the gel after every brushstroke to keep the lines from fading. 
1. Put a layer of foundation and powder on before beginning (or whatever you normally use).
2. From the center of the eye, draw a thin line to the corner.
3. You should end up with something similar to mine, I know its not neat but that gets fixed later on. 
4. Now from the very corner work your way out and upwards very slowly and try to it in one motion.
5 & 6. Not perfect still but we will fix that, don't panic :D

7. From the very bottom and in the corner you want to make the line a bit fuller and rounder. Just follow the "flick" up in one motion. (Look at 9 for results)
8. We also need to smooth out the top line. Just neaten it up a little at a time. You also need to follow this down to the "flick" and make it a little thicker on top. This also helps to neaten up the lines. 
9. Hopefully you are looking a little like this.
Remember, practice makes perfect!
10. Now we are going the other way. You want to follow the curve of the eye but also making the line thinner as you go or closer to the edge of the eye lid. I tend to not to go all the way down, maybe half way.
11. Its not the best of tries but I hope you get the idea in this image.
12. I did a bit more neatening up on the top. Just making sure all the lines run smoothly.

If you have found you have gone wrong somewhere, just use a make up wipe. I use my nail and very lightly try to rub off the problem area. You may need to even take a chunk out of the liner, this is fine. Just fill it back in :)

I hope you are still following because we are almost done!
13. Because I made a mistake and had to use a make up wipe I then go back in with my powder and brush it over the eye lid. 
14. If you feel you need to you can do a few more touch ups.
15. Mascara! 

I am not a make up artist so I know this is not perfect, it is in fact very basic. Every day my eye liner looks different but I always use this technique. Sometimes I make the "flick" higher and sometimes the whole eyeliner is thicker, just remember practice makes perfect with anything.

If you want any questions answered then don't hesitate to ask below.

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