Friday, October 17, 2014

Black cat obsessed style board with Poppy England (15% off code)

1. Wherefore art thou, ro-meow tights via Modcloth
2. Cat bag by Titina bags and accessories (Sold out for now)
3. White petticoat by Poppy England
4. Tres Noir Ultra Lux Black sunglasses via Sourpuss
5. Grace Cat dress by Poppy England
6. Black chiffon headscarf similar here
7. Cat Lady brooch by I love Crafty
8. Cat nap ring by I love Crafty
9. Love Cat ring by I love Crafty
10. Cat Lady necklace by I love Crafty
11. Refined your purpose heel in monochrome via Modcloth
12. White classic cardigan by Poppy England (not pictured)
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Can you say black cat obsessed!? I think I am in love with this whole outfit I just put together, from head to toe.

So you may have seen my last style board which featured another fabulous Poppy England dress (yes I am obsessed with this company) but I couldn't pass up putting together a board for the Grace cat dress (5). They are both the same style dress and can be worn either way (V neck shape at front or back) which just makes it the most amazing dress to style and wear.
I love cats and its not really much of a secret any more, the lovely people over at Poppy England have actually sent me this dress to review for you in the next week and let me just say, its perfection. Everything about the way it sits and fits is just beautiful, I think it is quickly becoming my favorite dress (and I own a lot of dresses). I will shh about it for now as I will tell you so much more soon!
Of course this dress wouldn't be complete without one of the every so fluffy Poppy England petticoats (3). The white would work so well with the dress.

I decided to stick with the black and white cat theme here across all aspects of the outfit, believe me I wish I could buy it all myself but I can't have everything. Maybe one day I can make this outfit actually happen.

The little cute Wherefore art thou, ro-meow tights (1) have made an appearance on my blog before but I just enjoy them so much. I wouldn't want to wear a patterned tight and I felt plain might be a bit boring. I would just love to see the little cat faces popping out of the button of the dress from time to time, making me smile.

Upon my search for a black cat shaped hand bag I discovered Titina accessories. Everything this woman makes is amazing. All hand made in Mexico and there is a lot more quirky looking animal shaped bags and more. Sadly I found the bag (2) in Google images which took me to the Facebook page. Upon a little more research I learnt that it is sold out but I do hope it comes back in soon! It was by far the cutest one I found and would match this whole Black cat outfit perfectly! 

You can't have a cat themed outfit and not wear some fabulous cat eye glasses! I think that may be a little bit of a crime (just kidding). There are many many frames out there and it doesn't just have to be sunglasses, regular glasses are fine too. I just love the simpleness of the Ultra Lux black sunglasses (4) and the cute little diamond details on the side. 

Hair accessories are always a must! I felt like wearing black and white roses wouldn't really work for this outfit but I would defiantly rock a black chiffon head scarf (6) in some way or another. I would properly be having a huge beehive hair day or I may even wear it around my neck. Who knows!

I remember seeing a Cat lady brooch (7) on Instagram a while back now and thought how cute it was but never found the artist until now! I simply searched "Black cat brooch" in Etsy and was greeted with it, and then the rest of the set followed. The brooch would look wonderful just straight on the dress or even on a white cardigan (12) for those of you in the colder countries. I figured that the necklace (10) would look great with the V shape neck facing forward to really showcase the piece and also so it wouldn't get too lost in the cats. The little rings (8 & 9) are just an added bonus to this really, the whole set really screams "crazy cat lady" just that little bit more.

Finally the fabulous shoes. Sticking with the black and white theme, the cute Refined your purpose heel (11) really bring this whole outfit together in  my eyes. They are simple yet have a great pattern on them that doesn't take too much attention away from the rest of the outfit. I do love myself some cute shoes!

While putting this whole outfit together I also thought this would make yet another amazing Halloween outfit without going to over the top. The type of outfit you could wear on a date or taking the children trick or treating but if your like me, I am just going to wear the dress as much as I can!

I hope you enjoyed this style board just as much as I did putting it together! 

Don't forget that Poppy England have given me a 15% off everything code valid until 27/10/14.
Details below!

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