Friday, October 24, 2014

Things I Love #12

I recently got my hands on my first Lux De Ville handbag, the sin city kiss lock in black. I did buy it second hand but it was in such good condition I couldn't pass it up. I do think it may have been a bit of a bad idea because it may have started a bit of obsession because now I want more! Not only these 3, but pretty much the entire website is on my wishlist. I was so surprised at how roomy these bags are for something that looks kind of small from the outside. I can fit all my daily needs and still look fabulous. I have to work out which style and which colour I want now because I wont be stopping at just one.

Halloween costumes in Dennison's Bogie Book, 1922

These popped up on Tumblr a few days ago and I couldn't help but love them. The illustrations are so cute and I am pretty sure I want to wear the cat dress in the top image this year. Each one of these is unique and very different to what you would find today, I think that's part of the reason why I like them.

I stumbled over to JBR clothing while on my search to bring you a few amazing items this morning and I noticed that they are now selling these two beautiful dresses. I fell in love with the dress on the right a few weeks back and I am still yet to get my hands on it (one day soon!). I just love the vibrant colours that work so well with each of the flower patterns, oh and the use of straps and not a halter neck. I think this dress just screams perfect for this Australia summer, of course worn with a very generous amount of sun screen. These come in plus size which I have linked above or the other sizes can be found here - H&R London Lulu Red, H&R London Lulu Yellow.

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